Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Now I'm going to be afraid every time I pull the cover off my barbecue

A Reddit user realized he had a bee problem and set off a smoke bomb near his barbecue.

When he investigate further, he found that they were honey bees and had built a hive:

*Previously: An even creepier beehive.


  1. Hi !
    Any idea where this took place ? I mean which part of the US ? I'm from western Europe, and i think it's just impossible in my area...
    How could this happen !?!

    Thanks for the blog, it's awesome !!!

  2. Wow, this is great. The only thing I'm wondering now is if the honey is a loss because of the smoke. I've uncovered a snake and once a mouse when I lifted my barbecue cover.

    And I second the above comment, thanks for the great blog.

  3. OMG this is repulsive. This definitely tops the terrible grill experience we had at the house I lived in during college.

  4. Hey Pierre - It was in Perth Australia.

  5. There's a bee shortage in the world. Would have been better to have them removed/relocated to a place safer for bees and humans.

    At the same time, if there's children around, go with protecting the family first.

  6. Mmmmmmm...come on, am I the only twisted nut fantasizing of Honey Mustard Barbecue Sauce? Or, at the very least chocolate dipped honeybees? Wow...I bet their teeny little kneecaps taste delicious...Hey, when life gives you lemons...