Thursday, July 7, 2011

Link roundup

1. The best name from the Harry Potter world is Miraphora Mina. No, she's not a character, she created some of the props.

2. EW has a great collection of photos of Potter props and sets.

3. EW also has a short article by Chris Columbus in which he he blames the lousiness of the first two movies on the kids' inability to act:

The first film was shot in an almost documentary style because the actors were so untrained and raw . . . . That's why the first film is an exercise in rapid editing . . . . By the time we got to Prisoner of Azkaban, Dan, Rupert, and Emma were able to perform an entire scene in one long, continuous take.
Hmm, I can think of a different reason why number 3 is so good, and why 1, 2, and 4 are so bad.

4. Finally, there's lots of great Potter concept art at Rob Bliss's site.


  1. I totally agree, Cuaron actually knows how to work with kids. Amazing work on "A little Princess".

  2. um, watch 'percy jackson' and THEN tell me those movies were lousy. all of the 'harry potter' films were great. you need only look at the other dreck they fob off as 'children's fantasy' to know the truth.

  3. The first HP movie was unwatchable, the second fractionally better. If it weren't for the third and the remainder I'd have never bothered watching another one again. Columbus is a hack.