Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Link roundup

1. Apple's free guide to developing iOS apps. Via.

2. A look at the wild parrot population boom in Los Angeles.

3. I love video game review site Action Button, but I was awfully disappointed with the just recommended iPhone game Ziggurat. (I like Action Buttons reviews so much that I feel betrayed.)

4. On the other hand, I greatly enjoyed Leviathan Wakes by Daniel "James Corey" Abraham. It's excellent pulpy retro-scifi about an oddball crew jetting throughout the solar system to unravel a conspiracy that threatens all humanity.


  1. Weird, I just finished Leviathan Wakes myself! I agree that it's excellent throughout, but what really struck me was how effective the sense of "oh crap, it's war" was. It's a rare thing to read about a fictional conflict and actually get that feeling.

    1. Spoiler:

      My favorite moment was when we realized that Miller was the office joke. Powerful.