Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to play Draw Something

I keep reading that users are fleeing Draw Something in droves. It's really a shame because Draw Something is easily my favorite iOS game ever. It's the only game I've played for the last few months. The key to enjoying Draw Something is to understand that the goal is not to draw something the other person can recognize. The game gets real tedious real fast after you've seen someone draw a campfire or doormat for the 20th time.

The goal is to delight the other player so they look forward to seeing what you've drawn. I have a group of friends that are terrific artists, and a few other people to play with that aren't so good, but I can at least practice drawing with them. (I'm hardly the best artist, but I try, and I'm hopefully getting better. If you'd like to play with me, I'm jstruan.)

I wish Zynga would create some sort of leaderboard to encourage people to draw high quality illustrations. They could even create a print shop.

"zombiebacons" is the excellent Anthony Petrie, who drew this for me:

You can buy his Gallery 1988 prints here.


  1. Yeah, as a terrible artist myself, I found myself being able to turn out acceptable representations of whatever subject I picked.

    I did all my gaming on an Android phone, and I'm sure you could do a lot more pinpoint work on a stylus. It's like those people who are able to draw amazing stuff on MS Paint.

    But the version I used was very 1.0. I know they added the ability for chat, but it wasn't really competitive enough. I'll admit I got into some quick coin grabs with some people (without ever chatting with them) that we would pick the 3-coin word and just spell it on the screen, or give clues.

  2. I think it just shows how much creativity the majority of people lack. My boyfriend and I got into it right before it exploded, and we were doing it for that purpose, enjoying watching what the other person was drawing. Then I started playing with my relatives and they were trying to guess the word before I had made the first stroke. Then I tried playing with random people and they would just spell the word out rather than drawing it. What a way to miss the point.

  3. Other than just ignoring people that you have been playing, is there any way to delete them? There is a guy who I was playing who seems to think it's hangman. I know the letters, I know how many letters are in the word. Why dash them out on the screen?

    1. Yeah, you just draw a horizontal line across his profile image.