Thursday, July 5, 2012

Link roundup

1. For locals, The Origin of Street Names of Sherman Oaks.

2. "IT Guy Uses Webcam to Ensnare Fruit-Stealing Female Janitor, Confronts Her with Proof to Ensuing Hilarity."

3. The NY Times:

BELGRADE, Serbia — Pavle Mircov and his partner, Daniella, nervously scan their e-mail in-box every 15 minutes, desperate for economic salvation: a buyer willing to pay nearly $40,000 for one of their kidneys.

The couple, the parents of two teenagers, put their organs up for sale on a local online classified site six months ago after Mr. Mircov, 50, lost his job at a meat factory here. He has not been able to find any work, he said, so he has grown desperate.
4. New preorders at the BBTS: Play Arts Kai Arkham City Batman and Catwoman; Tonner Quorra and Gem from Tron.