Monday, February 11, 2013

Link roundup

1.  Artist looking for commissions.  And another.

2.  School board member in Southern California convicted of pimping, running prostitution ring.

3.  AOL Still Earns Most of Its Money From Dialup Subscribers.

4.  Raiders Will Reduce Seating Capacity To The NFL's Smallest In Attempt To Avoid TV Blackouts.

5.  It's raining spiders in Brazil.


  1. Two comments:
    --The Raiders news is disappointing; their games being blacked out was a big bonus this past season here in the Bay area. Some good games late in the season that we wouldn't have seen otherwise.
    --My father is an AOL dial-up customer, as are a number of his friends. Super-speedy laptop, but no interest in adding to his cable bill. This leads me to think this is an age-related thing, and that AOL is going to have some revenue problems in 10-15 years. And/or that the cable companies need to find better ways to target that age group.

    1. As an LA resident, I've been pretty pleased that the Raiders are no longer my team