Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Link roundup

1.  The Best Defense:

the role of aristocracy was to provide loyal, competent, honest service to the crown. Thus their wealth had to be in land that could be confiscated. An aristo who invested in industry was no longer hostage to the crown, and so could no longer be trusted entirely. Hence the creation of strong disincentives to pursuing other forms of wealth, one reason that the ruling class in England tended to sit out the Industrial Revolution.
(This is well-illustrated in Neal Stephenson's terrific The Confusion.)

2.  Thirty million locusts have swarmed over Egypt.

3.  I don't understand how Mattel keeps getting people to order their preproduction toys - - here's a response to complaints that the upcoming Castle Grayskull will be smaller than suggested at the time of presale:
First off. Loud and clear. I know some fans/customers want the Castle to be larger or at the least as large as the initial B-sheet and foam model and dimensions given on the Castle’s pre sale page. Now to bring this to the “legal base level” we did make it clear on the pre sale page that all size dimensions were estimates and subject to change. The Castle from day one has been an unpresedented project. I mean come on, selling in a 6″ playset from a drawing B sheet? Who does that? And having a fan base strong enough to make this a reality? Only He-Fans are that strong!

I wish we could make the Castle bigger, I really do.
4.  And in other toy news, yes the Green Lantern cartoon was canceled because they couldn't sell toys - - retailers couldn't sell the terrible toys made for the Green Lantern movie, and therefore wouldn't even carry figures associated with the cartoon.