Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Link roundup

1.  New batch of Tiny Games, this time recommending activities for commercial breaks.  For example:
When the ad break starts, each player puts one finger somewhere on the screen and leaves it there. Whoever’s finger touches more people’s faces during the ad break wins.
2.  "Evil spirits may not exist, but there are phenomena in nature that act nearly the same… or worse."
The “evil wind” in question is well-known invisible killer: carbon dioxide. Emitted by volcanic vents in active regions of Africa, the gas can settle in low-lying areas such as ditches, producing an unseen toxic area that can incapacitate and kill humans who wander within. It is estimated that 100 people die every year in the region around Lake Kivu from such Mazukus, which can be especially dangerous at night, when people sleep close to the ground.
3. "How To Make A Highlight Reel Without Any Highlights"
By now you've worked out that Tran, 18, isn't headed to a big-time college football program next season. But his self-produced highlight reel is infinitely more entertaining and honest than the thousands of "serious" videos recruits send to coaches across the country.