Friday, March 1, 2013

Upside Down concept art and trailer

Concept art, stills, and trailer for Upside Down:

Kirsten Dunst (Spider-Man, Melancholia) and Jim Sturgess (Cloud Atlas, Across the Universe) star in Upside Down, an interplanetary dystopian romance about a young man’s search for the long-lost girl of his dreams. Written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Juan Solanas and set in twinned worlds with opposite gravities, the film puts an eye-popping, original twist on the classic tale of forbidden love.
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  1. The concept art and idea of this movie was cool but the movie itself had so many plot holes that were hard to ignore.

  2. Looks like it might have been better as an animated feature.

  3. i really enjoyed the film. i know a lot of people have issues with the physics and other areas, but if you just sit back and enjoy it for being an entertaining film it really isn't that bad and looks beautiful.