Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Link roundup

1.  "[A] source familiar with the company told Valleywag that Tumblr's actual revenue (not bookings) in 2012 was less than $5 million."

2.  Breakfast suggestion from Nate Appleman:

I cook breakfast for my son everyday and his favorite breakfast is avocado toast with eggs, a hint of chile flake and extra virgin olive oil, followed by a kale, ginger, banana, lemon, strawberry and honey smoothie
3. "So America came within a hairbreadth of placing its entire national-security apparatus under the authority of a high-school dropout connected with organized crime, and today almost no Americans seem aware of that fact."

4.  "Ben Kokes wanted to give a ring to his sweetheart, and to make it interesting, he decided to create a ring with an inductive loop that would cause the stones to light up when they were close to a power-source."