Sunday, May 26, 2013

Link roundup

1.  Two terrific articles from the March issue of Town & Country, my favorite magazine:

How to properly make clear to a private kindergarten that you are willing to donate huge amounts of money if they accept your child.  (Don't do something so clumsy as offering money.  Rather, have a friend call someone at the school and tell them you're ready to offer money.) 
And even better, a lengthy attack piece on how Jill Kelley and her sister Natalie Khawa invaded Tampa Bay high society and relentlessly took advantage of the rich and powerful including Petraeus and his "matronly" wife (who was presumably too busy studying the first article to successfully fight them off).
2.  Michael Jackson wrote "Do the Bartman" from The Simpsons (at the link is other famous songs written by people you wouldn't expect).

3.  New York's indoor smoking ban has led to an increase in lawsuits against bowling alleys - - slip and fall claims by bowlers wearing their bowling shoes outside.

4.  Relatedly, "If you follow restaurants in New York at all, you've seen or heard Maimon Kirschenbaum's name. It's synonymous with — some would say infamous for — a steady stream of wage-violation lawsuits brought against star chefs such as Mario Batali, Daniel Boulud, and Keith McNally."  Via.