Monday, March 1, 2010

Introducing the Super Punch Tarot

Enjoy the cards from the Super Punch Tarot. Links are to the artists' sites and webstores. The deck will be featured at Bear and Bird Gallery March 5 - April 16, 2011.

Major Arcana

The Fool by Adam Koford. Webstore. See also: Star Wars and Pixar Twitter avatars.

The Magician by Daniel Davis. Webstore. See also: Monster Commute.

The Priestess by Tom Whalen. See also: Adventure Time travel poster.

The Empress by Britt Wilson. (Slightly edited by me.)

The Emperor by Joe Alterio. See also: Robots and Monsters.

The Lovers by Bethalynne Bajema. Webstore.

The Chariot by Doktor A. Webstore. See also: Steampunk vinyl toys.

Justice by Roman Laney. See also: Alternate design.

The Hermit by Thomas Allen. See also: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Buy Thomas Allen: Uncovered at Amazon.

The Wheel of Fortune by Myke Amend. See also: Steampunk airship desktop wallpapers. Visit his webstore.

Strength by Franco Brambilla. Webstore. See also: Vintage postcards meet Star Wars.

The Hanged Man by J.Shea.

Death by Patricio Oliver. Webstores. See also: Cucos vinyl toys.

Temperance by Meghan Jean. See also: Greek myths retold. Visit her webstore.

The Devil by Dan Hipp. Amazon.See also: Gyakushu!

The Tower by M.S. Corley. Webstore. See also: A Series of Unfortunate Events book covers.

The Star by Mike Maihack. See also: Cleopatra in Spaaaace! Visit his webstore.

The Moon by Miss Monster. See also: Webstores. Brutal Legend cosplay.

The Sun by Stephanie Buscema. Webstore.

Judgment by Ken Turner. Webstore.

The World by St├ęphane Massa-Bidal. Webstore. See also: Google products explained.


Two of Coins by Kenn Munk. Webstore. See also: Tagging Legoland.

Three of Coins by Aaron Miller.

Four of Coins by Squink!. Webstore.

Five of Coins by Justin Van Genderen. See also: Star Wars travel posters. Visit his webstore.

Six of Coins by Katy Hargrove. See also: Darkstalkers paper toy. Visit her webstore.

Seven of Coins by Anneka Tran. See also: Team Fortress 2 Propaganda.

Eight of Coins by Tyler Landry. See also: Doktor Machine.

Nine of Coins by Sven Ruthner.

Ten of Coins by Brent Engstrom. Visit his webstore. And check out his latest Clone Wars sketch cards.

Page of Coins by The Beast Brothers. See also: Day of the Dead Munny.

Knight of Pentacles by Brandon Schaefer. Webstore. See also: Blade Runner and Ghostbusters movie posters.

Queen of Coins by Kat Brunnegraff. Visit her webstore.

King of Coins by Rosemary Travale. See also: Plush Maxwell from Scribblenauts. Visit her webstore.


Ace of Wands by Eric Wirjanata. Webstore. See also: Madman paper toy.

Two of Wands by John Leavitt. See also: An entire alphabet of scarlet letters.

Three of Wands by San Smith. Webstore. See also: Concert poster for J'aime & I.

Four of Wands by Amy Martin. See also: Time travel posters.

Five of Wands by Jerom.

Six of Wands by Kate Logan. See also: Disney Princesses fighting game.

Seven of Wands by Heather Hudson. See also: Her blog. Visit her webstore.

Eight of Wands by Dragan Kovacevic. See also: District 9: The Cartoon.

Ten of Wands by Jesse Philips.

Page of Wands by Katie Cook. Check out her webcomic Gronk. And look at her latest Star Wars sketch cards.

Knight of Wands by Dean Reeves. See also: Fairy tale fiascoes.

Queen of Wands by Cormac McEvoy. See also: Plush hat monsters.

King of Wands by Nancy Dorsner. Webstore. See also: How to make a dragon cake.


Ace of Cups by Chris Parks. See also: Monstrous platform shoes. Visit his webstore.

Two of Cups by Casey Weldon. Webstore.

Three of Cups by Renee Biertempfel. See also: Dragons. Visit Renee's webstore.

Four of Cups by Annabelle Hartmann. See also: Polar bear party.

Five of Cups by Santiago Caruso. See also: Paper doll. Visit his webstore.

Six of Cups by Jerrod Maruyama. See also: Kawaii Jabba and Slave Leia.

Nine of Cups by Meghan Murphy. See also: Jessica Rabbit. Buy her book, Kawaii Not Cute at Amazon.

Ten of Cups by Dave MacDowell. Webstore.

Page of Cups by Dan Goodsell. Webstores. See also: The Watchmen as food.

Knight of Cups illustration by Timothy Lim, layout by Jean-Luc Pham. See also: Peanuts/Sin City mashup.

Queen of Hearts by St├ęphane Massa-Bidal. See also: Google products explained. Visit his webstore.

King of Cups by Dave Perillo. Webstore. See also: Goonies postcard.


Ace of Swords by Jacob Green. See also: Laser engraved periodic table.

Two of Swords by Joel Carroll. Visit his webstore. And check out his Bossk poster.

Three of Swords by Brigid Ashwood. See also: Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer Munnys. Visit her webstore.

Four of Swords by Mindy Lee. See also: Alice in Wonderland redesigned.

Five of Swords by Noah Z. Jones. Check out his new Disney show Fish Hooks. And buy his books at Amazon.

Six of Swords by Geoff Trapp. See also: Predator vinyl toy.

Seven of Swords by Jack Rossi. See also: Wii Proton Pack.

Eight of Swords by Rich Page. See also: Cheshire Cat.

Nine of Swords by Mario Graciotti. See also: Travel posters for fantasy lands.

Ten of Swords by Daniel Elson, who has some great original art on sale at Rivet Gallery.

Page of Swords by Lucy Knisley. Webstore. See also: Lucy talks to her younger self.

Knight of Swords by Jason Chalker. See also: Darth Vader makes a booty call. Visit his webstore.

Queen of Swords by Eric Orchard. See also: Classic Dungeons and Dragons monsters.

King of Swords by Shane Parker. See also: Team Fortress 2 Spy Mighty Mugg.

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