Monday, August 2, 2010

Dispatches from a Troubled City: Art Inspired by the Works of China Mieville

Artwork inspired by the books of China Mieville

Obaday Fing sculpture by Paul Pape, who takes commissions as described here.

Spiral Jacobs art show flyer by Steve Thomas, who has art on sale here.

Avanc propaganda leaflet by Steve Thomas.

Human and Khepri couple by Chris Haley on sale here.

Weaver/handlinger box by Myke Amend. The complete "Red Hand Assemblage," as well as prints of "Red Right Hand" and "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here" are available here.

Remade militia assault team by Rory Phillips.

Grindylow Idol and alternate cover for The Scar by Jason Chalker, who has art on sale here.

Kraken bookmark by Greg Gilday, who has art on sale here and is selling the bookmarks for $1 each, shipping included.

Armada by Franco Brambilla, who has art on sale here.

Silas Fennec and Uther Doul by M.S. Corley.

Armada, Iron Council, New Crobuzon and Salkrikaltor City posters by Joe D!, who has art on sale here.

Grossbottle by Rick Sardinha, who has art on sale here.

Yagharek by Shane Parker.

The Lovers by Amanda Chronister.

Obaday Fing by JSalvador, who has art on sale here.

The Clock and Cockerel by Cormac McEvoy.

Perdido Street Station Memento Box by Jared Axelrod.