Friday, July 4, 2014

Jesse Moynihan on "Something Big," this week's particularly epic episode of Adventure Time:
Mid Season 5 we tried to make a 45 minute Adventure Time TV movie. We almost did it, but the thing was a mess and needed so much work to get in shape. All the individual parts were really cool, but they weren’t hanging together right, and the end seemed impossible to figure out. I’d boarded the first 10 minutes of it (Steve Wolfhard helped me clean up my drawings. Actually Steve cleaned up all of my drawings.) 
So the thing sat there for months. I was really psyched on my section and started to feel certain this movie was never gonna see the light of day. So we started pushing that we should cannibalize the parts and make them into episodes. That’s basically what happened. I got my opening section and used about half of it of it to make this episode a standalone story.