Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wonderful story by Redditor BaseAttackBonus about a Dungeons and Dragons character who finds an unhatched T-Rex egg:
Rook always wanted a pet Dinosaur, so naturally he was excited when he found two eggs in an alchemist lab. He asked if one could hatch into a T-Rex and I said that was the stupidest idea I'd ever heard, but I let him roll a 1d30 for it. He rolled a 30 and Skittles the T-Rex was born. 
In an age of proper dragons, this bizarre, wingless, gimp armed dragon was his favorite thing in the world. He kept it out of combat, not letting it get hurt, waiting for it to grow large enough to be a mount. 
The rest of the party finally convinced him to bring the creature with them into a dungeon. It died a fiery death. Rook was heartbroken. He had already sold the other egg to a stranger, his face hidden in a plain brown cloak, in town. 
The adventurers continued, Rook never took another animal companion. They fought their way to the Big Evils lair. A goddess forged in silver, who was emerging and threatening the world with destruction. They slayed the evil God and as she fell her power was unleashed, flowing into the party. They each had a moment of power, where they could make a wish. Rook wished for his T-Rex back. 
He was swept away in a torrent of energy, thrown through time. He landed in a familiar city, and as he looked around he saw a younger happier version of himself carrying a large egg looking for someone to sell it too. He approached his younger self disguised in a plain brown cloak. For the first time in almost a year, Rook smiled.