Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"Silicon Valley Knew of Sexual-Harassment Claims Against VC Mogul Years Before He Was Exposed"

But his former employer Lightspeed Venture Partners said Tuesday that it had been aware of allegations against Caldbeck.

“We received a complaint regarding Justin from a portfolio company during his time at Lightspeed,” the company tweeted Tuesday afternoon. “In response, we removed him as a board observer at the request of that company. In light of what we have learned since, we regret we did not take stronger action. It is clear now that we should have done more.”

On Monday, Caldbeck’s former colleague, Binary co-founder Jonathan Teo, acknowledged that he had also been aware of allegations against Caldbeck for years.

“I have known Justin in a professional context for many years. I have also heard rumors about him from the past,” Teo wrote in a public Facebook post. “When I chose to work with him to form Binary, I told him in no uncertain terms that no bad behavior was ever going to be tolerated at Binary...