Wednesday, June 7, 2017

"the current budgetary crisis brought on by the stadium debt is an existential threat to athletics at Cal"

Austerity measures have been broached before, and in 2010 Cal Athletics almost lost five teams, including its iconic rugby team. Last-ditch donor efforts saved those teams, but the budget is still mired in horrifying amounts of debt. The program ran a $22 million deficit last year


The stadium debt is so large that funding may have to come out of the school’s non-athletics budget soon. The school’s largest donors donate to both the school and the athletics programs, and any disruption of sports could decrease the overall amount of donations. The task force issued a report on its findings this week—you can read it below—and while they did not mention any specific remedies, things look incredibly dire.


As the task force made clear, cutting sports might save money, but could also dry up the donor well that the school relies on to pay teachers.