Saturday, August 5, 2017

"An elite school [in Toronto] uses [GTA5] to teach life lessons"

"These students are upper middle class white males, a very dominant social group in Northern American society," he says. "These are the individuals who go on and obtain high powered positions in society, in governments, in politics and industry."


"It's a group I think that has to be sensitized to other realities," says Darvasi. "The way they typically encounter these other realities are through mitigated experiences like video games.

"Playing this game under normal conditions can be compared to a colonial experience. They are exercising their privilege playing around with race, playing around with gender."


A pair of students created a video in which a white man tours Franklin's neighborhood in a pickup truck. They pitched it as a critique of middle-class players entering the game's stereotypical representations of economically challenged areas as theme park tourists, ignorant of the real lives they were witnessing.