Thursday, April 19, 2018

"A stinking trainload of human waste from New York City is stranded in a tiny Alabama town, spreading a stench like a giant backed-up toilet"

the sludge-hauling train cars have sat idle near the little league ball fields for more than two months


The poop train's cargo is bound for the Big Sky landfill, about 20 miles (30 kilometers) east of Parrish. The landfill has been accepting the New York sewage sludge since early 2017. Previously, it was transferred from trains to trucks in nearby West Jefferson, but officials there obtained an injunction to keep the sludge out of their town.
It just may be the most expensive bridge in the country.


For commuters like Marcel Vantuyn, the tolls add up quickly, even with E-ZPass discounts. He pays $88.85 every week in combined tolls for the Verrazano and Goethals bridges just to shuttle back and forth between his home in Brooklyn and his job in Elizabeth, N.J.