Monday, December 31, 2007

Awesome U.S. Military Patches Part 3

I thought it'd be fun to post some military patches, and ended up finding a treasure trove of good ones. I posted the first batch here, and the second batch here. I'll be posting more soon.

These patches (and many, many more) are all on sale at McGrogan's. Wired has also posted quite a few.

Sappy song from Allstate commercial made it to No. 40 on the Billboard charts

NY Times: It would be unremarkable that the song “From Where You Are” by Jason Wade, a singer in the band Lifehouse, had cracked the Billboard top 100 list — except that it was written for an Allstate commercial.

Unavailable on any album, the song has received little airplay on the radio but it had wide exposure in a 60-second Allstate spot promoting the insurance company’s safe driving program for teenagers. The commercial first ran after an episode of “Friday Night Lights” on NBC in late October that had a teenage driving theme.

On Nov. 6, “From Where You Are” was made available on iTunes, where it sold briskly enough to hit No. 40 on the Billboard charts for the week ended Nov. 24.

Wow, that song's terrible. Via.

2-D Furniture

Designer's site. More photos here.

Awesome U.S. Military Patches Part 2

I thought it'd be fun to post some military patches, and ended up finding a treasure trove of good ones. I posted the first batch here. I'll be posting more soon.

These patches (and many, many more) are all on sale at McGrogan's.

Update: Here's the Halo patch, and here's the shut up patch.

Italian Boss, Housekeeper Bride

Italian Boss, Housekeeper Bride

Not a photoshopped cover. Via.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Awesome U.S. Military Patches Part 1

I thought it'd be fun to post some military patches, and ended up finding a treasure trove of good ones. I'll be posting more soon.

These patches (and many, many more) are all on sale at McGrogan's.

Darth Revan Custom Figure

You can see more customized Star Wars figures by "Shim" here (if you register). Via.

I also recommend these posts by "Getoninja."

Relatedly, here's a Darth Vader custom figure in "expeditionary armor" I came across awhile back. Link.

And here's more Star Wars links.

George Lucas Puppet


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wired's 10 Favorite 2007 Illustrations

Pictured is Guy Billout's illustration of The Great Firewall of China. Gallery.

Friday, December 28, 2007

$159,000 C-3PO leggings (on a runway model)

Just one of many sci-fi inspired designs by Nicolas Ghesquière for the Balenciaga collection. The collection also includes Stormtrooper leggings and designs based on Tron and The Terminator. There's more information, photos, and video here. (Post inspired by these sites.)

*See more Star Wars links here.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Funny joke about Time's "Man of the Year"

Putin conjures up the ghost of Stalin and asks him how he can consolidate his power.

Stalin advises as follows:
Step 1 Kill all the democrats
Step 2 Paint the Kremlin blue

Putin replies: Why Blue?

Stalin replies: Aha! I knew you wouldn't ask about step 1.


Monday, December 24, 2007

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, in Gingerbread

More photos here. Via.

How to: Turn a regular diecast car into a "Cars" car

Julius Marx explains how he transformed a regular old Scion into a Pixar Cars version of his own Scion. The blue car is the "before." Link.

You can find more projects here.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Photo: Dubai skyline is every stylish sci-fi film come to life

Dubai Metropolis
Originally uploaded by twocentsworth


USC football coach Pete Carroll has given up fear

J.R. Moehringer has a very long profile of USC football coach Pete Carroll in the December 2007 issue of Los Angeles Magazine. Among the nuggets:

Carroll gave up fear long ago. He gave it up the way people give up carbs. Fear now has no part in his daily life. Fear is like an old, distant friend. They know each other well, talk once in a while, but they're not close like they used to be.

Or this quote from "longtime friend Michael Murphy":
For awhile we worked together with Russian coaches and athletes and talked about ending the Cold War... We've discussed Indian philosophy, religious mysticism, parapsychology as a scientific discipline, and various social causes. (Ellipsis original.)

This heading is a standout:
I'm Unable To Describe Carroll's Appearance Without Sounding Gay

But this paragraph is probably my favorite:
If I shut my eyes and try picture my time with Carroll, one scene comes quickly to mind. It's late. He's pacing outside his office, glancing at a game on TV, tossing a football to himself, talking to me and several assistant coaches at once. Suddenly and unaccountably he leans against a leather chair and starts doing push-ups. Slumped in a chair, eyelids heavy, I can't help wondering if he might secretly be using crystal meth.

Truly enjoyable article, and I've barely scratched the surface with these excerpts. If you have a chance, I recommend you pick up the issue. There's also an interesting article about LA's Comedy Store (picture young David Letterman picketing the club for the chance to earn $25 a set). I'd offer a weblink, but the magazine's site seems to be down.

*Update: Here's the full article.

You can find more sports links here.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Blog dedicated to band logos

For example, Whitesnake. Link. Via.

Spy plane to recharge itself by hanging on a power line?

The next time you see something flapping in the breeze on an overhead power line, squint a little harder. It may not be a plastic bag or the remnants of a party balloon, but a tiny spy plane stealing power from the line to recharge its batteries.

The idea comes from the US Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) in Dayton, Ohio, US, which wants to operate extended surveillance missions using remote-controlled planes with a wingspan of about a metre, but has been struggling to find a way to refuel to extend the plane's limited flight duration.

So the AFRL is developing an electric motor-powered micro air vehicle (MAV) that can "harvest" energy when needed by attaching itself to a power line. It could even temporarily change its shape to look more like innocuous piece of trash hanging from the cable.

Link. Via.

Gift idea: Best water pistol

According to Slate, it's the Buzz Bee Toys Tarantula B/O Water Blaster. Via.

Custom Optimus Prime Toy

More incredible custom toys over at Pop Prolific. And some are on sale.

Cute plush dolls from Le Train Fantome

Pictured: Ghost, Babette. Buy. Via.

Princess Diana wrote friends that she believed Prince Charles intended to kill her

"A handwritten letter in which Diana, Princess of Wales claimed that the Prince of Wales was plotting to kill her so he could marry Tiggy Legge-Bourke, the former nanny to Princes William and Harry, has been shown at the inquest into her death." Link.

7 Medical Myths Even Doctors Believe

For example, contrary to what you might hear on tv, turkey doesn't make you any more tired than eating chicken or beef, and we use 100 percent of our brains. Link.

Illustration: Santa flying a rocket ship (and some other Christmas links)

Larger version by Paul Conrad here.

Here's some more Christmas links:

Santa shot down by drug traffickers. Really.

Lego: Santa's sci-fi sleigh. Link.

Santa with a big gun desktop wallpaper. Click on news.