Friday, May 30, 2008

Sale on McFarlane action figures

prices as low as $1.50. Might be time to finally order the Phlebiac Brothers set.

Funny Penguin/Batman Bizarro strip

Also, the dynamite's a coded message referring to creator Dan Piraro's wife. Via.

UCLA Medical Center gave organ transplants to Japanese gangsters

John M. Glionna and Charles Ornstein for the LA Times:

UCLA Medical Center and its most accomplished liver surgeon provided a life-saving transplant to one of Japan's most powerful gang bosses, law enforcement sources told The Times.

In addition, the surgeon performed liver transplants at UCLA on three other men who are now barred from entering the United States because of their criminal records or suspected affiliation with Japanese organized crime groups, said a knowledgeable law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The four surgeries were done between 2000 and 2004 at a time of pronounced organ scarcity. In each of those years, more than 100 patients died awaiting liver transplants in the Greater Los Angeles region.

Indiana Jones Fertility Idol Pencil Cup

I love this tacky little idol. You can preorder it here.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Astrodemonio and Evil King vinyl toys

Vinyl Figures come from Devilrobots + Tokidoki. On sale sometime in June. Link. Via.

R.O.B. made out of Lego

By "Nidaram12." Several more photos in this Brickshelf gallery. Via.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Olympic tickets to be embedded with bearer's personal information

"In a move unprecedented for the Olympics, tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies are embedded with a microchip containing the bearer's photograph, passport details, addresses, e-mail and telephone numbers." Link. Via.

Adorable plush vegetables

Spotted at Sewing Stars.

Toycutter Updates

Recent updates at my action figure, miniature, and designer toy customizing blog include:

-Ghost Rider Munny

-Fallout 3 action figure

-How to dress up a kaiju model with lots of cool effects

Vistaster: a colossal mistake

New entry in the urban dictionary, courtesy of Microsoft.


n. a giant cluster-fuck; a colossal mistake; a turning point, inflection point, or event that, in retrospect, turns out to have led to the doom and demise of a once-powerful company, person or organization.

Of course, if you read the latest Fast Company cover story, you'd think Microsoft's problems are it advertising:
It spent two years and $500 million on the media blitz around the long-delayed Windows Vista launch, only to see the January 2007 "Wow" campaign, which likened Microsoft's new operating system to Woodstock and the fall of the Berlin Wall, derided as arrogant and creatively void.

Via Fake Steve Jobs (which gets my vote for funniest blog).

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Grumpy Coffee Mug

On sale here. Creator's site.

*Previously: Umbrella Academy Mug.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I've previously mentioned how much I enjoyed China Mieville's Un Lun Dun. One scene features something called a "storyladder" and the "Wordboard Pit." This photo found at Lifehacker makes a good illustration:

Projects: How to make shrinky dinks

Instructions here.

Print your own Monopoly money

All denominations available at the Hasbro site. Via.

"Survivors of Titanic on Carpathia"

This sounded like a great idea for a bad movie - - survivors of the Titanic make their way to Carpathia and face vampires. Alas, the real story is simply that some Titanic survivors were rescued by a ship called the Carpathia. Photo found at Flickr.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Designer Toys: Suckadelic's Indiana Jones figures

"Attackers of the Missing Stuff" $250.00.

"Toht Day-Glo Bootleg." $250.00.

Made for an Indiana Jones-themed art show in Los Angeles. Go visit Suckadelic. Via.

*See also: Hellboy/Indiana Jones mashup.

*Buy Indiana Jones toys at eBay.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Interesting article about working at Disneyland as Jack Sparrow

Disney warned us we were going to have a lot of horny women coming on to us. They were also worried about girls. I heard Disneyland had an Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. She was very flirtatious, and they finally pulled her because men found her too sexually arousing and were acting out.


It took over an hour to get Disney’s suit on. In the dressing room there is one long makeup table and a wall with a long mirror. I think over 100 character actors were there. You had face characters like Jack, Aladdin, the Mad Hatter, and you had fuzzies, the characters in costumes. The face characters and the fuzzies dressed apart. There was a ranking system in the dressing room: If you were a princess, you pretty much got that long mirror wall. For some reason the Jacks always ended up in the back corner.

Read the whole thing.

Papercraft: Death from Sandman

Download here.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Toycutter Updates

Recent updates at my action figure, miniature and vinyl toy customizing blog include:

-Heath Ledger as the Joker Munny

-Hello Kitty Warhammer 40K Dreadnought

-Ralph McQuarrie Concept Luke Skywalker miniature

Puerto Rico sends more delegates to the party convention than more than half of the US states


James Jean has illustrated a Jewish wedding contract

It's called a ketubah and you can see a larger version here.

*Preorder Fables Covers: The Art of James Jean Vol. 1 at Amazon.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bizarre nest growing out of skyscraper in Rotterdam

"Nest Rotterdam" hangs 50 meters above the street and was made by Benjamin Verdonck out of twigs, sand, polyurethane foam, and a few other materials. Official site. Via.

*See also: Homeless encampment suspended under bridge.

Pie with a funny face

Simple mod.

James Frey's new book about Los Angeles is full of factual errors

Link. Via.

San Francisco's Cardboard Tube Fighting League

Official site.

Here's an NBC news report from last year

And here's footage of various combatants in action

I love the different types of armor on display. Merchandise available at CafePress. Via.

Dell had been employing 800 different ad firms?!

"Ad giant WPP Group has hired the first CEO for its Dell-only agency, which is taking over the work of about 800 firms that have been coordinating ads and marketing for the PC maker." Link. Via.

White student named valedictorian at black college

"A white college valedictorian is nothing much to blog about, unless he went to Morehouse, the only all-male, historically black college in the country. Joshua Packwood (4.0 GPA) made history as the first white valedictorian in the 141-year history of Morehouse." Read more.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Raid on Kosher Slaughterhouse Sparks Fears of Meat Shortage

"In a development with potential repercussions for consumers of kosher meat worldwide, the country’s largest kosher slaughterhouse greatly curtailed production this past week after a raid by federal agents led to the arrest of hundreds of undocumented workers." Link. Via.

Health Partners' new mascot is a walking vial of urine

Official site. Read about it here. Via.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Mazinger plus Superman = Japanese Superman

Just one of several character designs by Cliff Chiang.

*This would be a good customizing project, based on this figure.

Syria tried to hide its nuke facility by making it look like a ruined Byzantine fortress

Photo comparison here. Via.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Paul Bunyan plush, with tree stump pincushion

More photos here.

Desktop Wallpaper: Page from Will Eisner's M-16 U.S. Army rifle maintenance booklet

See the whole comic book here. Via.

New Fallout 3 Concept Art

The official site has posted several high-res images showing the heroes, villains, and homemade weapons that will be part of Fallout 3.

(I've already pre-ordered the collector's edition. I highly recommend Fallout 1 and 2 and would repurchase the games in a minute if they were adapted for the DS.)

(I'm still disappointed I didn't win the Fallout 3 create a perk contest. My favorite idea was "Descendant of Chuck Norris" - - a starter perk that would convey increased hand to hand combat skill plus resistance to poisons and radiation. Another idea was "filibuster" since I think the game is set in DC - - you could restart a conversation that was going badly without penalty.)

*Previously: Vault Boy Desktop Wallpaper.

Creepy image of the new Joker by Austin Madison

Large version here.

Drawings by kids brought to life by Yeondoo Jung

More in this gallery. Via.

Flower pot with a laser rifle

Flickr link. On sale at Etsy.

Desktop Wallpaper: Underwater Fashion

Made with the image from this Threadless shirt.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

George Washington is Cobra Commander

More defaced money from Joe D!.

"Fractal" drawers by Takeshi Miyakawa Design

Link. Via.

Frightening photos by Joshua Hoffine

Pictured: Bed from the After Dark, My Sweet series. Click through for the gallery. Via.

Lego: Fearsome jungle-shredding tank made solely with parts from Indiana Jones jungle playset

By Nannan Z. Here's the Flickr link. And here's his Brickshelf gallery. You can buy the set at Amazon.


USA political election logos 2008 - 1960

Funny to be reminded of all the losers who ran as vanity projects. Link to very slow-loading gallery. Via.

Sir Paul McCartney is said to be "horrified" that his new eco-friendly car was flown 7,000 miles from Japan.

The best part of the article: "Paul was offered a Lexus as a gift and ordered the hybrid limo because it helps to reduce emissions."

Mythbusters creating an Indiana Jones-themed episode

Info and photo here. (Their MacGyver episode was terrific.) Via.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gas prices have climbed so high, station owners can't afford to update their machines

"Mom-and-pop service stations are running into a problem as gasoline marches toward $4 a gallon: Thousands of old-fashioned pumps can't register more than $3.99 on their spinning mechanical dials." Read more.

The Real Wonder Pets

Art by Louis Roskosch. Don't miss his Tron Guy. Via.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Vintage G.I. Joe, Mickey Mouse tin toys

eBay link.

eBay link.

Stop Thief vintage board game

Spotted this at eBay, liked the lurid cover art, and was intrigued by the mysterious scanner. A quick search turned up BoardGameGeek which has a detailed description of the game and lots of photos.

Bill Willingham originally intended that Peter Pan be the Adversary in Fables

I wanted the Adversary to be Peter Pan. Even when I was a kid, I couldn't understand why he was considered the good guy in these stories. Basically, he would come to our world and steal our kids. That just seemed pretty sinister. I thought, "Okay, we'll do a little turnaround on that, and make Peter Pan the evil Adversary, and that means that Captain Hook and his pirates were really were a crew that were going to Neverland and rescuing these kids, and they were painted as pirates only because Peter was doing the press releases." That was, I thought, a pretty good idea that we didn't get to do, because even though I carefully worked out that Pan was in public domain in America, he's still under copyright in England, because the Parliament did a special extension of copyright because all the income from Peter Pan books went to the Ormond Street Hospital for kids. So to keep the hospital having their income, they extended the copyright, and since we were going to sell Fables in England, we couldn't do it.

Read more of this interview (from August 2007) here. Via.

*Buy "Fables Covers: The Art of James Jean Vol. 1" at Amazon.