Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ninjas on roller skates - - the movie

The movie is called Ninja Thunderbolt and came out in 1986. Here's the synopsis at IMDB: "The Ninja Empire has been run by an evil master and one member decides to leave the empire. The ex-Ninja wants a Hong Kong detective to track down the new leader and end his reign of terror."

Here's the intro, which features some deadly serious ninja talk, but no roller skates:

Yes, it's on sale at at Amazon.

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Teenager sells website created with free tools for $60,000 (and other news)

1. Using free software, Hansup Yoon, age 15, created a forum called ZuneBoards, devoted to Microsoft's Zune. In two years it grew to 60,000 members and pulled in about $1,000 a month thanks to AdSense and Tribal Fusion. He just sold it for $62,000, which is presumably far more than Microsoft has made by selling the Zune. Details here.

2. Buffalo Bills rookie offensive tackle Demetrius Bell is the lowest rated player in Madden 2008. Link.

3. See the differences between an article that appeared in the New York Times, and the heavily altered version that appeared in a Beijing newspaper.

4. NASA space shuttle mission had a secret emblem which signified that the shuttle mission had the secret task of deploying a satellite inspection spacecraft.

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Indonesia claims sole ownership of the bird flu

The concept is "viral sovereignty" and the theory is that Indonesia (and other countries) want to claim ownership of viruses appearing within their country - - so if a valuable vaccine is created, their country will benefit monetarily. (If they're not all dead from an epidemic.) Over the last three years, Indonesia has shared with the World Health Organization "samples from only two of the more than 135 people known to have been infected with H5N1 (110 of whom have died)." You can read a bit more here and here.

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Toycutter updates

Recent updates at my action figure, miniature, and vinyl toy customizing site include:

1. Rorschach Munny.

2. Half Life Lego minifigs.

3. Young Frankenstein Munny.

4. Master Chief My Little Pony.

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Car with most over the top speakers you've ever seen

This is the "DJ Mobile" and it's available for rent. Via.

*Previously: Statue of Apollo holding vintage boom box.

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Black Belt Patriotism by Chuck Norris

Saw this prominently displayed in a nonironic way at the bookstore yesterday:

Book Description
Martial arts master, actor, and political activist--there is no job Chuck Norris can't do. Now the original tough guy is at it again, stepping back into the role of bestselling author with his new book, Black Belt Patriotism. In Black Belt Patriotism Norris gives a no-holds-barred assessment of American culture, tackling everything from family values to national security. More than a cultural critique of what's wrong with our nation, Black Belt Patriotism provides real solutions for solving our problems, moving our country forward, and changing our nation's course for the better. Chuck Norris--the hero, icon, and legend--is back, packing a political and cultural punch, as only he can deliver.

From the Inside Flap
Wake Up, America!

It seems like wherever you turn these days, the news is bad. Illegal immigrants are swarming over our borders. Our nation and American families are crippled by debt. We remain vulnerable to Islamist terrorist attacks. Judges ignore the Constitution and instead legislate from the bench. Faith and traditional values are under incessant assault from the media, leftist lawyers, and the liberal establishment. The core message of the Declaration of Independence--that everyone has a God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness--is under threat from liberals who deny the right to life (or even the very idea of God-given rights), and who think the answer to every problem is a government program. They think that God, if He exists, might not know best, but liberal-run government certainly does. If you're worried about the direction our country is going, you're in good company. Chuck Norris remembers a better America--an America of faith, freedom, and respect for tradition, history, and human life--and in Black Belt Patriotism he shows what we need to do to reawaken the American dream, reignite the American spirit, and give our children and grandchildren the America they deserve: an America of freedom, opportunity, and faith. In ten practical, down-to-earth chapters, Norris gets back to basics, mining the insights of our founding fathers and applying their wisdom to the problems of today: immigration, the culture wars, the war against global terrorism, national (and personal) debt, even the epidemic of obesity that is killing more Americans than terrorists do. With the optimistic, get your-hands-dirty, can-do spirit that typifies what's best about America, Chuck Norris grapples with the toughest problems facing our country and proves that they're no match for Black Belt Patriotism.

Black Belt Patriotism by Chuck Norris is 34% at Amazon.

Here's Chuck Norris spreading some black belt patriotism overseas:

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North Korean anti-America propaganda posters

Gallery of North Korean anti-America propaganda posters. Soon to be featured in a Worth 1000 contest, I hope. Via.

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Poster for House, M.D.

Poster for House, M.D., by Canyon Design Group. Via.

*Find more posters here.

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Nite-Owl's Owlship made out of Lego

Nite-Owl's Owlship made out of Lego by Christopher Doyle. Many more photos here. Via.

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Felix the Cat vinyl toys

Felix One Hundred Mini Figure Collection on sale here.

*Previously: Totoro cupcakes.

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Little Mac vs. Soda Popinski fight poster

Here's a few standout artworks from the iam8bit show that I hadn't seen before.

"1987 Was a GREAT Year" by Mike Mitchell.

"On the Seventh Day, R.O.B. Rested" by Jude Buffum.

"Atop Octorok" by Wade Schin.

Many more images from the show can be seen here.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

A room full of eyes

Here's a creepy decorating idea - - fill your room with framed pictures of eyes. Go here to see more photos of the striking interior of Hable Construction in New York.

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Nine Inch Noels

Nine Inch Nail lyrics sung like Christmas Carols. Listen here. Via.

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Billboard promoting historic dockyard accidentally portrays historic sodomy

Here's a billboard promoting the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard in Great Britain. I don't think the advertisers intended to emphasize the role of sodomy in British naval dominance, but as Winston Churchill said, "Don't talk to me about naval tradition. It's nothing but rum, sodomy, and the lash." Via.

Go here for The Register's idea for the next ad in the campaign.

*Previously: Group promoting women's issues has acronym TNA.

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Jodie and David Peskimo cheerfully illustrate the danger of the bends

Jodie and David Peskimo cheerfully illustrate the danger of the bends.

*At my custom toy site: Peskimo meets Visell in this BambooZoo custom figure.

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Video of UFC fighter Jon Koppenhaver explaining why he legally changed his name to "War Machine" amd other news of the day

You can read more about "War Machine" at Wikipedia.

Other weird news of the day:

1. Video of a moth with the face of Jesus.

2. Video of driver driving wrong way on freeway. The reporter mocks the driver at length, repeatedly calling him a "rocket surgeon." First time I've heard that phrase, but it's surprisingly common.

3. Roger Ebert tells Jay Mariotti to suck it.

4. West Point instructor describes fascinating visit with Sikhs at the Golden Temple.

*Find more weird news here.

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Vintage ghetto blaster

Photo link.

Photo link.

It's a statue of Apollo by Henri Bouchard at the Trocadero in Paris.

*Previously: Vintage Nite-Owl comic book cover by Rob Ullman.

$9 t-shirts at Threadless

Now t-shirts are only $9 at Threadless.

I turned Barf Trip by Justin White into a desktop wallpaper.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Teenage angst depicted in some great book covers from Flux

Here are a few great book covers from the Flux imprint. Teenage angst never looked so good:

The Shape of Water.

The Second Virginity of Suzy Green.

Band Geek Love.

Busted: Confessions of an Accidental Player.

Via these fine sites.

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Best pro-Barack Obama ad yet uses vintage Mario Bros. graphics

Effective mocking of John McCain's habit of dodging tough questions by mentioning his time as a prisoner of war:

Mario Bros./Presidential Campaign 2008 mashup via.

Meanwhile, Tony Woodlief does an excellent job of summarizing recent campaign events:

The big news this week is that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are in love. Everyone is cool with it, especially Bill Clinton. This may prove to be a complicated relationship, however, because Obama is actually Jesus Christ. His ascension is scheduled to take place before a live audience tonight in Denver at approximately 8:30 Mountain Daylight Time.

There was some question about whether Obama’s heavenly citizenship will prohibit him from serving as U.S. president, but legal experts concur that since heaven is somewhere “way way up there,” it is technically in U.S. airspace. They note by way of precedent that Dick Cheney did not stop being Vice-President for the 18 consecutive months he spent flying across the country after the 9/11 attacks.

In related news, Obama has selected Joe Biden to be his Vice-President. Biden is a wise statesman from the Senate, and not the mean-spirited, plagiarizing, third-rate legal mind and lifetime politician from Scranton who also goes by that name.

Obama’s team is also expected to include Moses as National Security Advisor, St. Paul as Secretary of State, and Elijah as campaign spokesman.

The Republicans, meanwhile, plan to proceed with their convention next week at an undisclosed IHOP in Canada, where John McCain will lie in state.
Click through for his take on other recent world events.

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Disney's Princesses recast as characters in Frank Miller's Sin City

Curt Rapala has recast Disney's Princesses as characters in Frank Miller's Sin City

Jasmine is Miho by ~Gillbob316 on deviantART

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Modern day ninjas" stopped before they make mistake of confronting drug dealers

Jesse Trojaniak, 19, and Tadieusz Tertkiewicz, 20, put on black clothing, armed themselves with throwing stars, swords, and nunchucks, and went out in search of drug dealers to intimidate. Calling themselves "Shinobi Warriors," they planned on visiting the homes of drug dealers and delivering threatening notes that said, "Shinobi will stop your cruel and sadistic intentions with justified, yet merciful force."

But first, they stopped by Tertkiewicz’ 16-year-old ex-girlfriend's house and delivered one of the letters. The girl and her mom called the Clifton, New Jersey police, who promptly arrested the well-armed men. You can read more here and here.

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Peanut Butter with the warning "Contains peanuts" and other news

1. Wegman's Peanut Butter jars include the warning: "Contains peanuts. Made in a plant that processes tree nuts."

2. Colleen Doran has posted some real horror stories about disturbing comic book fans.

3. 9-year-old pitcher Jericho Scott is so good he isn't being allowed to play in the local baseball league. League officials claim it's because he throws too hard and frightens the other kids, but his parents believe the officials are just trying to improve the chances of their own favored teams.

4. Ryan Block explains how hidden charges doubled his iPhone bill.

*See more weird news here.

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Stage Performance of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's "Mr. Punch"

Rogue Artist Ensemble is currently performing a stage adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's The Comical Tragedy or Tragical Comedy of Mr. Punch (on sale at Amazon). The LA Times has an interview with the designers and a photo gallery. Comic Book Resources has another photo gallery.

This video features a slideshow of images from the show

And this video features actual footage from the show:

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Dramatic redesign of the Baltimore Ravens' helmet by Luke Hayman

GQ asked Luke Hayman to redesign the Baltimore Ravens' helmet. He came up with a design featuring glowing eyes and feathers:

*Previously: Was Batman originally the logo for a French chemical company?

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Prosecutor tries to argue Star Wars is pornography and other news

1. The ship John McCain flew his last mission from was intentionally sunk to become a reef. Link.

2. Man claims innocence, claims an owl killed his wife. Link.

3. Prosecutor tries to argue Star Wars and Harry Potter movies are "non-erotic pornography." Link.

4. Shoplifter hides in compactor, crushed to death. Link.

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Freddie Krueger papercraft

Download the Freddie Krueger papercraft template here.

*Find a huge selection of doable papercraft projects here.

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