Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fearsome prehistoric duck of doom and other stories of the day

1.Prehistoric duck had 16-foot wingspan, toothy ridges on its beak. Link.

2. Pro football player Richard Collier was shot 14 times and survived, albeit gravely injured. Link.

3. Animated gif shows Obama really is the chosen one. Link.

4. Busch Gardens manual for traveling with animals helpfully suggests getting a room near the ice machine if traveling with Penguins, and putting up the "Do Not Disturb" sign when leaving an animal alone in a hotel room. Link.

5. Pirates seize Iranian ship near Somalia, die after suffering weird symptoms like skin burns and hair loss. Link, Link.

6. Space freighter brought down to burn up in atmosphere at a time convenient for Google moguls to watch? Link.

7. Scott Adams explains how he accidentally plagiarizes from himself. Link.

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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog harasses David Blaine

Video of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog harassing David Blaine, who is currently hanging upside down for some lame stunt. Absolutely hilarious, and don't miss Blaine and Triumph reenact the famous kiss from Spider-Man.


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Boba Fett encases the Simpsons in carbonite

Boba Fett encases The Simpsons as the gag to the opening of the Season 20 premiere. You can watch it, along with the entire episode, right here:


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Castle Crashers papercraft

Castle Crashers papercraft: red, blue, orange, green. Via.

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Prince Adam is a pinhead

Prince Adam illustration by Ape Lad. High-res image here.

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X-Ray Vision Sleep Mask

X-Ray Vision Sleep Mask on sale at Gama-Go.

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Frankenstein papercraft

Frankenstein papercraft by Christopher Bonnette. Download the pattern here (scroll horizontally at the top of the screen).

*Find more Halloween paper toys here.

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Travel the solar system with these posters by Steve Thomas

See the solar system travel posters by Steve Thomas on sale at Zazzle. Via.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Kermit the Frog cupcakes

Green frosting, Mentos, and a food marker = Kermit the Frog cupcakes. Cupcakes by Dave and Raina. Via.

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The absolute worst (or best) of the upcoming Star Wars action figures

This is Wioslea. According to the official site, "Like all Vuvrians, she had multiple eyes located around her head, and two large tentacles coming off the top of her head." Also, she's a sucker, tricked by Obi-Wan Kenobi into paying far too much for Luke's Landspeeder. You can see more photos of the upcoming 5th wave of The Legacy Collection here.

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Dachshund Skull and Crossbones logo

A few Dachshund-based logos by Aaron Draplin. The last on is on sale as a t-shirt for $20 here. Via.

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Wishpaper: The memo paper with a built in wishbone

Parodoxy Products:

The quantum unpredictability of tearing paper lets you make wishes and decisions by completely natural chance. These inventions have 100 sheets of invisibly fibrous paper in a 4'x 5' pad with an exact starting point for tearing. The bigger piece of paper gives a perfectly impartial decision. They can be used for all kinds of decision-making although each one has its primary purpose. WISHPAPER is designed for deciding who gets a wish. DECISIONPAPER is for general decisions in daily life and business. LOVEPAPER is for romantic decisions. They can all be used by one or two persons. Of course, they can also be used for writing notes to yourself or others.

$5 a pad, on sale here. Via.

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Stool gives you the chance to sit on Hercules' face

"Soft Hercules" stool cast in foam rubber from a bust of Hercules. The stool was made by FAT (Fashion Architecture Taste) for the From Now to Eternity show in London. You can find more photos of the stool here.

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"Iraq: The Space Between"

Amazon says:

During the American-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 Christoph Bangert was still attending photography school. Only later, in the spring of 2005, when the Iraqi insurgency and sectarian violence reached its first peak, Westerners were kidnapped and beheaded, and most foreign journalists had left the country, did this intrepid photographer start to work in Iraq on assignment for The New York Times. The overtly hostile environment in Iraq for foreigners, without regard of the individual’s intention or affiliation, restricts the freedom of journalists, particularly photographers, who (unlike writers) must be physically present in order to get the story. Despite these conditions Bangert remained in Iraq as one of the few Western photographers committed to cover the war throughout 2006 and early 2007. He has worked largely independently from the military, using Iraqi guards, drivers, and translators, but was also occasionally embedded with American, British, and Iraqi forces. Iraq: The Space Between records the distance he traveled as a civilian between worlds committed to destruction in the name of freedom.
Here's Christopher Bangert's official site, and you can buy "Iraq: The Space Between" for 24% off at Amazon.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Video: How To Screenprint

Amusing, informative video from Etsy that explains screenprinting:


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Big Daddy Roth meets Big Trouble In Little China

Joshua Ellingson mimicked Ed Big Daddy Roth's style to create this image of the Pork Chop Express from Big Trouble in Little China. Click through for a high res version. The image is for a benefit to support the Hell's Belles car club in San Francisco. The club has some cool merchandise on sale like this t-shirt:

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Barack Obama papercraft

Barack Obama papercraft by Matt Hawkins. Download the template here.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nimrod, Riddler, Vampirella redesigns

Vampirella redesign by Maris Wicks for a Project Rooftop contest.

Riddler redesign by Travis Pitts.

Nimrod redesign by Austin Madison.

*Previously: Venom redesign.

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Kotobukiya's One Coin Indiana Jones Mini Figures

Jeff Pidgeon has posted some terrific photos of the One Coin Indiana Jones Mini Figures made by Kotobukiya. Pictured: Indiana Jones from The Last Crusade, and Colonel-Doctor Irina Spalk and Mutt Williams from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Head over to Jeff's Flickr gallery for high res photos of these and many more toys.

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Steampunk version of The Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland

Seems like not a day goes by without the discovery of another incredible creation by Doktor A. This time, it's a steampunk version of The Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland, officially titled "Ignacious Longbottom." It will be on display at The Noxious Fumes show at Rivet Gallery in Ohio, beginning October 4.


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Super Robot Wars Dygenguar Model Kit

The bad news is that the Super Robot Wars Dygenguar Model Kit made by Kotobukiya is going to sell for approximately $300.

The good news is that this smaller version looks just about as good and is only $26.


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McCain and Obama, if they were drawn by Roger Hargreaves

UPDATE: See the X-Men as drawn by Roger Hargreaves.

Roger Hargreaves created the Mr. Men and Little Miss series, which has sold over 100 million copies.

Nate Wragg mimicked Hargreaves' style to create these caricatures of John McCain and Barack Obama:

Mr. McSame

Mr. Change

Go here for high res versions.

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