Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chuck Norris vs. Medusa

Chuck Norris vs. Medusa by Jason Chalker for "Chuck Norris in Greek Mythology" week at The Austin Sketch Squad. See also, Walker: Texas Centaur.

And a few more links:

1. Apparently, the Clippers have to pay an AM radio station to broadcast their games in Los Angeles.

2. Don't waste your anger by directing it at AIG employees. The two biggest Congressional recipients of "bonuses" from A.I.G. were Chris Dodd and Barack Obama. Obama received $101,332 in contributions.

3. There's now a Crayola crayon called "Purple Mountain's Majesty." There's also one called "Awesome." How long until there's a blue one called "Twitter?"

4. High praise to Mobil's Speedpass, which has excellent customer service. I buy gas at Costco, so I decided to cancel my Speedpass. I called the 800 number, was promptly connected to a human who spoke clear English after I pressed 0, and he quickly canceled the account for me without making any attempt to sell me any services.

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