Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The wizarding world's Roomba (link roundup)

Meet the Broomba, which does move around, but unfortunately does not clean. On sale for $40 here. Via these fine sites.

And a few more links:

1. A shame, I've mentioned in the past how good Trent Reznor's Twitter feed was, but he opted to delete it because he was so repulsed by hateful replies he was getting.

2. And in other maybe you don't want to be popular online news, ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews who was largely famous for wearing tight tops, was somehow videotaped naked in her dressing room through the peephole. This NY Post article on the crime suggests that it may have happened on multiple occasions in multiple hotels and likely had to have been done by someone with knowledge and access to her rooms. The article also charmingly includes an Erin Andrews photo gallery. Outsports is exactly right in describing the way in which popular sports blogs have created an atmosphere encouraging such behavior.

3. I sure hope Zappos' excellent customer service rubs off on new owner Amazon.

4. For weeks, sports blogs have been talking about the claim that LeBron James got dunked on by a student at a basketball camp, and then had Nike goons seize video of the dunk. eBaum and TMZ have now both posted videos showing how trivial the play was and how incredibly foolish LeBron and Nike look for trying to suppress it.

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