Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Black Panther cartoon

Excellent music for the opening of the Black Panther cartoon. The cartoon was produced by BET, but apparently is only airing in Australia. The stylish (and violent) animation is by Titmouse, who also made Afro Samurai and the single terrific Screw On Head episode.

Here's the first episode of the Black Panther:

Here's the first part of Screw-On Head:

And by the way, ask Titmouse nicely and they'll send you a coloring book. (And did you know that BET calls the movies it runs "Blackbusters"?) Via.

*Previously: "Sex Panther" to be made into real cologne.

*Buy Black Panther toys at eBay.


  1. Shame that YouTube already took down the episode for violation of terms.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the coloring book. I loved their Screw-On Head episode!

  3. The Amazing Adventures of Screw-On Head was amazing. I loved it. Too bad it didn't get picked up for a season =(

  4. I watch the Black Panther cartoon here is australia, and I am actually appalled at the shoddy work in this cartoon, to be honest.
    The fantastic art by John Romita Jr is often interspliced with very poor transitions and other art that looks like tit was created by someone else.

    Overall, I am very dissappointed with this cartoon. It feels rushed and possibly produced with no budget at all.
    It is a shame, as I love black Panther.

  5. The Black Panther is a great cartoon I love it.