Sunday, October 31, 2010

Costumes based on Pixar's Up

Kris Butiong and his girlfriend Thanh Phamdo dressed as Russell and the house from Pixar's Up. It was made from balsa wood, foam core, and foam sheets. 60+ hours were spent on the house. You can see more photos here and here. Thanh also transformed a mere dog into a fearsome tarantula:

While I'm highlighting cool stuff from 5&A Dime's blog, the store will be the place to be for Dia de Los Muertos on November 2:

Celebrate Dia de los Muertos with 5&ADIME x Flying Panther Tuesday evening 11/2/10. Our friend Rob, owner of Flying Panther tattoo, worked with us in producing an exclusive tee that features his signature talent and will be available for purchase that evening. We all look forward to seeing you at the shop Tuesday night to celebrate Day of the Dead with 5&A Dime...p.s. There will be free beer and food too!

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A short film by Terry Gilliam about the haunting of Talladega raceway

That's right, The Legend of Hallowdega is a short film by Terry Gilliam, starring David Arquette, about the haunting of Talladega raceway. You can watch the 18 minute film here. (Legend has it that the raceway is built on an Indian burial ground.) Via.

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The Shining in Lego

The Shining in Lego by Alex "Profound Whatever" Eylar.

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Ghost paper toy

Papercraft ghost available only until November 7.

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The human body is not like a chimera

An illustration from the "Drugs" volume of the Life Science Library. The accompanying text read:

The chimera of Greek myth, a freakish blend of lion, goat, serpent could not normally be encountered among humans. For, as immunoligist Sir Macfarlane Burnet explains, the human body refuses to be a chimeric mixture; it rejects alien species, such as germs that invade it, destroying them with scavenger cells (white) and chemicals (coloured circles).
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Link roundup

1. A debt collector set up a fake courtroom in Pennsylvania to try to fool debtors.

2. Earlier this month, I mentioned how strange it was that Disney was promoting images of happy couple LeAnn Rimes and Eddy Cibrian. Well, Shape magazine put Rimes on the cover of the October issue, and received so many complaints that the editor had to apologize.

3. The Penny Arcade guys created a brilliant, hilarious special item for Bioware's Dragon Age.

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Manny Calavera costume (Grim Fandango)

Manny Calavera costume by Andrew Bell. (Note the cruise line ticket.)

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Submerged town on Google Maps

"Villa Epecuen in Argentina was traditionally a town famed for its saltwater lake, with many tourists flocking to the village to test out its healing properties. However in 1985 it was completely flooded when the lake overflowed and covered half the town. The aftermath reveals the powerful and devastating effect water can have." You can see lots of photos here, and here's the town on Google Maps. Via.

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Homemade Doctor Octopus costume

Poor quality video, but cute homemade Doctor Octopus children's costume by Jeff Manley.

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Cheap Wedding Flowers

Marcie Lynn Walker Does Cheap Wedding Flowers - - logo by Simon Walker.

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Dancing Zombie Puppet Outbreak

Enjoy an outbreak of dancing zombie puppets in "Piece of Me Piece of You" by Three Legged Legs for Zune. The puppets were created by Adam Parker Smith and Caroline Salas. There's a lengthy explanation of how the video was created, along with lots of concept art and photos here.

The song is Fancy Footwork by Chromeo. Here they are performing on Yo Gabba Gabba:


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Halloween wishes from Dan Santat

Girl in a robot costume by Dan Santat.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pinhead pumpkin

Pinhead pumpkin by Abigail Glassenberg, who has plush creatures on sale here.

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This football play would be pretty awesome

Non-Traditional Play Maker by Bortwein for Threadless. Click on the voting widget for the chance to buy it:

Non-Traditional Play Maker - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Finn and Jake costume

Poor quality video, but terrific Finn and Jake costume.

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Make your own Frankenstein wall hanger

Courtesy of Paul Conrad, print out and assemble a Frankenstein door hanger.

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Ghostbusters paper toys

Papercraft Ghostbusters. Download them here.

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Illustrations by Ryan Cox

Illustrations by Ryan Cox. You can download a paper toy by Ryan here. Via.

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