Thursday, February 24, 2011

Link roundup

1. I like the look of the art for the upcoming all-ages Wonder Woman picture book Wonder Woman: The Story of the Amazon Princess

2. Great article about an SR-71 Blackbird flying over Libya in the 80's. Here's a strange detail about the plane at rest:

Ironically, the plane was dripping, much like the misshapen model had assembled in my youth. Fuel was seeping through the joints, raining down on the hangar floor. At Mach 3, the plane would expand several inches because of the severe temperature, which could heat the leading edge of the wing to 1,100 degrees. To prevent cracking, expansion joints had been built into the plane. Sealant resembling rubber glue covered the seams, but when the plane was subsonic, fuel would leak through the joints.
3. Disturbing article about the increasing number and increasing sophistication of fake commenters.