Sunday, June 24, 2012

Link roundup

1. Stewart Baker:

Nigerian scams are labor intensive for the scammer, but only after the first bite. Actually landing even the most gullible correspondents takes time, effort, and skill that the scammers don’t want to waste.

Herley’s paper raised for me a different question. Why haven’t we put computers to work, raising transaction costs for Nigerian scams?
2. Plants feel gravity. Via.

3. "The Army is ditching a $5 billion failed camouflage redesign because it actually made soldiers easier for the enemy to spot." (Wow, I remember when that pixelated design was all the rage in design circles.)


  1. The camo article was interesting as hell, and particularly telling of the petty bureaucratic mess that the armed forces have always been marred by.

    Thanks sharing!

  2. My unit rotated out of Iraq in '05, and lots of folks had or were getting fitted for these. Guess I can count myself luck to have made it through on 3-color desert BDUs, and not the "shoot-me's". And I don't recall ever calling them UCP; we always called them ACUs.

  3. The Navy has a nice blue camo they use now, everyone calls it "loose you at sea."