Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Clacker Full PC Suite

The Clacker is a full PC suite including keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, PC, LCD, speakers, table, and even a matching chair. The PC features a powered, spinning brass mechanical display reminiscent of Charles Babbage's "Analytical Engine" and "Difference Engine", which were giant brass mechanical calculators invented in the early 1900s whose functions influenced the design of modern computers. The Clacker ships with one "Marquis" keyboard to better match the acanthus engraving on the LCD. Pictured on either side are vintage Atwater-Kent speakers which have been modernized with PC speakers, including volume and power control knobs built into the base. The LCD also features an antique video projector built into the back which is powered and spins custom brass film reels while LED lighting flickers in a custom projection box, to give the impression that the image is being projected onto the LCD through the back. The projector and light box are visible through bevelled glass in the side of the LCD housing.