Friday, August 17, 2012

If HR Giger modified a Clone Trooper helmet

Another batch of custom Star Wars helmets from the As You Wish fundraiser:

(WIP) HRG Trooper by Thomas Spanos

Retro Robot by Chris Trevas

Endor Reclaims by HMS Creative Productions, Inc.

Boba Fetish by Tom Woodruff Jr / ADI

Kitt Trooper by Bill Pulkovski

The East Platform by Arturo Delgado

Iron Fett by Alex Alva

Ahsoka Tanno Helmet by Julian “Jie” Aguilera

Boba Recall by Tom Spina Designs

For the Love of Holiday Specials (with 12,000 Swarovski Elements crystals) by Rich Dellinger

Sideshow Collectibles - Game of Clones

Mandalorian 300 by Max Cervantes