Friday, August 24, 2012

Link roundup

1. From an i09 article about space travel myths:
Things are far apart in space. If you took your spaceship through the asteroid belt, you wouldn't even see an asteroid unless you really knew where you were looking.
2. From a Buzzfeed article about reality television:
In terms of shows that I haven't worked on, some of the ones that I think are especially bad are animal training shows. There are things that people don't know that happened beforehand, in order to create this perfect scenario for this expert to magically whip a troublesome animal into shape. The viewer doesn't know the animal had to take an hourlong walk to be super-tired before the expert got there.
3. From an interview with Gravity Fall's Alex Hirsch:
Well, the first thing is to start with my sister. When I came up with the show and pitched it to Disney, the thing that I was most excited about -- sort of tied in excitement with being able to tell stories with magic, monsters and mayhem -- was to make fun of my sister for twenty stories a year. I was really excited to mine my comedic relationship with my sister, to deliver her weirdness to America, and that's probably the core of the series.


My sister, when we were in Elementary school, had one particular lime green fuzzy troll doll sweater with a gem sticking out of the belly and actual hair that stuck to it, and I just remember, even though I was very young, being like "This is unusual. It is weird that she is wearing this in public."


One funny thing was, when we had a wrap party, we got the whole crew and everybody together to premiere the first episode. My sister came down, she lives in San Francisco, and she brought THE sweater from elementary school. With a lot of peer pressure, we were able to talk her into putting it on, and it's funny. When she was a kid, it was huge, now it finally fits her.