Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Illustration roundup

Super Crazy Animal Hand cover by Mike Allred.

Black Lodge by Jehan Choo.

Jack by NC Winters for Crazy 4 Cult.

Catwoman redesigned by Mark Bello.

Fantastic Four redesigned by Joe D!.

Monsters by Justin Patrick Parpan.

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  1. Hey John, did you see this version of my FF yet?

  2. Ah, didn't appreciate it was a gif. Very cool.

  3. Y'know... I'm not sure the 4 in the FF logo look that good turned around like that. I mean, I understand that it's supposed to resemble a double helix, but the first thing that came to my mind was that it looked like a swastika with some of its limbs cut off. :/

  4. Earlier versions of that very design looked "nazi as all hell" because they were all black and every end was square, unlike the three rounded ends you see here. This was one of the reasons the 3D effect was added, giving the added bonus of kind of looking like one of those charity ribbons, which I thought was a neat nod to the Future Foundation from the comics. So between the ribbon, the DNA double helix, and how it looks like the letter 'F' and(!) the number '4', I couldn't not go with it, even if it did get "nazi as hell" halfway through the design process.