Monday, August 13, 2012

Website/logo design beg

UPDATE: I am no longer looking for a logo design, but could sill use some tumblr theme help.

I love MG Siegler's website design and logo and would like something similar for my Tumblr.

1. Anyone interested in designing a logo for the Tumblr? It could be chimera-related, or something entirely different.

2. Can anyone direct me to a somewhat similar free Tumblr theme (two columns, minimalist, room for a logo and advertisement), or is anyone interested in designing one for me?

I'd be willing to pay a modest fee for the service, and credit you in my sidebar. Email me (jstruan at gmail) if you're interested and can show me similar logo and/or site designs you've previously made.

Here are some cool logos I found via Aaron Draplin:

And here are posts I've tagged "logo."