Monday, April 28, 2014

Iron Man 3 included Man-Thing's origin


In Iron Man 3, AIM is using a formula based on plant research to give people superpowers. In the comics, Man-Thing was originally a scientist who was doing top secret research on plants in the Everglades when his wife betrayed him to AIM. In desperation, he injected himself with his untested formula, only to discover it had seriously unexpected consequences. The female AIM agent (played by Stephanie Szostak) who battles Tony to the death midway through the film is named Ellen Brandt, who is Man-Thing's treacherous wife. The character even has the scar on her face she received fighting Man-Thing in the comics.


  1. And the Extremis formula can apparently regrow her lost arm, but can't fix a facial scar. Got it.

    1. Well if she was scarred before she was given the formula it would (using movie logic here, not science) likely only heal her to her present state (with scar).

  2. Movie showed the formula regrowing her previous-to-Extremis-treatment lost arm. It didn't make sense it didn't fix her scars. It had the same effect on other Extremis subjects - -they were all military amputees, IIRC.