Sunday, November 30, 2014

Funny military anecdotes

A Redditor:
By far, the best one was this one. There was an artillery unit that had a battery of 155 Howitzers that had nuclear ordnance. Their purpose was to destroy Anchorage and the surrounding areas in case of a Soviet invasion. My dad knew one of the artillerymen in the unit. Every so often, they would get orders to go off in the wilderness for training for a period of time. My dad told me that somebody (they never figured out who) made up some some dummy orders as a prank and sent these guys and their howitzers off for a field exercise that ended up lasting a few weeks. Then some real orders came through and nobody knew where these guys were and the shit hit the fan. Somehow, the Army had lost a battery of nuclear 155's and the Pentagon was severely pissed off. Eventually, the Army figured out what happened and the unit returned back to the base. My dad asked his buddy what he did during the time he was away, and he told my dad he spent a month just fishing at a nearby lake.