Thursday, April 28, 2016

Link roundup

1. "How did 'Space Raptor Butt Invasion' by Chuck Tingle become a Hugo finalist?"
Pseudonymous erotica author Tingle, who is also responsible for titles such as "Taken by the Gay Unicorn Biker," responded quickly to the Hugo news with a new e-book, "Slammed in the Butt by My Hugo Award Nomination."

It seems clear that Day expected Tingle's nomination to outrage his critics, but it doesn't appear to have worked
2. How to stop harassing tweets and comments:
That seems to be a foundation for a legal argument, that when the employer makes social media — establishing a presence on Twitter, etc. — part of the job, there's a disparate impact on female employees and the employer should be held responsible for the sex discrimination.
3. New zine by Jim Rugg.