Friday, April 15, 2016

"Stalker Sarah...The full-time celebrity chaser"

Stalker Sarah is well-known as a “super-fan” and doesn’t mind being called by her “stalker” title. She adopted it years ago in response to some angry Jonas Brothers fans, and uses it in place of her real name, which she keeps secret. Sarah gets told to stay away from famous people on a daily basis, but getting close to them is her job. In her world, proximity to fame is a currency, one she has turned into a career which spans thousands of celebrity selfies.

Stalker Sarah apparently never sleeps. The full-time celebrity chaser updates her 157k Instagram followers and 126k followers on Twitter daily. In 2013, she was even profiled in the New York Times Magazine. She appears outside hotels, at airports, and in underground carparks late at night as frequently as official tours and signings. Her updates record the tedium as well as the excitement of active fandom—camping out, waiting in the cold, and dodging bodyguards in the quest for the perfect picture.