Monday, August 15, 2016

"The Cards Against Humanity super PAC will be called the Nuisance Committee, a name that Temkin says comes from a chapter in his own family's history"

During World War II, Temkin says his grandfather flew dozens of combat missions on a B-24 bomber over Nazi Germany before being shot down and spending about a year in a POW camp. He joined with a group of other Jewish POWs in the camp, Temkin said, who were frustrated about being sidelined in the fight against Adolf Hitler.

“They formed a group called ‘the Nuisance Committee’ to covertly disrupt operations in the camp and force the Germans to divert increasing resources away from the front lines and into the prison,” Temkin said. “They came up with little protests, pranks, and daily annoyances that drove the Nazis insane. So that's the name we're going with.”