Monday, February 12, 2018

From Alex Garland's Annihilation AMA

How different is it adapting a book than adapting a story you came up with? Did you meet Jeff VanderMeer and have you read the series?

Definitely different. More intimidating to do adaptations, so you have to kind of jam it out of your mind. I have met Jeff - he's amazing, and very creatively generous. But was just adapting the first, so that's what I read. Maybe other people will do the others.

If given the chance, which comic book characters would you want to write/direct?

Swamp Thing.

Anything you can share about future plans?

I just wrote an eight part TV show for FX, called Devs, set in San Francisco. Really hoping to shoot it later this year.

What kind of tone will your FX series strike?

Sort of a tech thriller, I suppose.