Thursday, February 1, 2018

From an interview with Manny Jacinto (The Good Place)


You were at the Jaguars’ wild-card game a couple weeks ago. What was that like?

It was really weird, but very fun at the same time. I was talking to my parents about it—they follow what I do on social media, which is very flattering and very scary at the same time. But the game was super fun. I didn’t know whether to be Manny Jacinto... or Jason Mendoza?


On the show you play the stereotype of someone from Jacksonville. Do people from Jacksonville ever get mad at that impression?

Nobody ever really gets mad. If anything, I get comments like, “Are you really from Jacksonville? Because I know people just like you.”


So on set, who’s the most serious and who goofs off the most?

To be honest, I think I’m the most serious.

The Chidi side of you.

Yeah, I think it comes from the fear of losing my job, for one.