Friday, December 1, 2023

Today's news and jokes

The article was published 11/27: "The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals typically decides cases within four months of oral arguments, but the trio of Trump lawsuits has been sitting on the court’s docket with no ruling since they were argued last December."

("Ziegler and his wife are among the state’s most prominent Republicans. He leads the statewide Republican Party and Bridget Ziegler is a well-known school choice advocate who helped start Moms for Liberty, a group focused on getting conservative women elected to school boards across the country. In a now-deleted post on X, the group said the allegations were "another attempt today to ruin the reputation of a strong woman fighting for America."")

("This all follows questions raised earlier this year by NewsChannel 5 Investigates about how Ogles inflated his educational credentials and business experience. Then we uncovered evidence about a GoFundMe where Ogles raised money for a children's burial garden that was never built, raking in almost $25,000.")

Randle's complaining to the ref in the background

"Inside Monty Williams’ massive, stunning coaching contract with the Pistons"

@abbysbooks this truly was an experience, thank you for the invite @Lionsgate UK @Scholastic UK #thehungergames #balladofsongbirdsandsnakes ♬ Not a want but a need - Klaudijaaa

@alexnilsen_ PART 2 #interiordesign #college #universityofkentucky ♬ Bubbly - Colbie Caillat

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