Sunday, December 10, 2023

Today's news and jokes

(From 2012, when one of the current justices unseated an incumbent: "Despite past criticism, Devine has not shrunk from making his anti-abortion ideology a prominent part of his judicial campaign. At a June rally in Fort Worth, he described his convictions as being 'forged in the crucibles' of the anti-abortion movement and told the crowd he had been arrested 37 times while protesting abortion clinics. A campaign video relates a decision to continue a high-risk pregnancy, his wife Nubia’s seventh, which they said was likely to end in the deaths of both mother and child. Nubia Devine survived the birth. Their daughter lived for an hour after she was born.")

"Army-Navy Under Bettors Suffer Brutal Bad Beat After Game Ends on Intentional Safety"


@jordanseay03 Just two simple girlies trying to live the dream #foryoupage ♬ original sound - hemissme

@yu.yu5560 On the way to work, I met a cute dog,Helped it find its home🐶, so happy😁#dogcute #dogscute #dogbehavior #cutebabychallenge ♬ original sound - Pet world 1💋💖

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