Wednesday, December 13, 2023

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(Everything was ready, including powerful explosive charges already secreted beneath the dais, as well as three vehicles loaded with explosives that were supposed to be parked on the streets around the stadium; these were to detonate about a minute after the dais exploded, when the panic was at its height and the survivors of the initial blast were trying to flee the scene. The resulting death and destruction were expected to be “of unprecedented proportions, even in terms of Lebanon,” in the words of a very senior officer of the Northern Command. But a group of worried AMAN officers, as well as the deputy defense minister, went to Begin and demanded that he order Dagan to call it off. “You can’t just kill a whole stadium,” one officer recalled telling Begin. “The whole world will be after us.” Begin shut down the operation.)

(The OpEd cautions Republicans might one day pressure Democrats to resign)

ChatGPT victim, perhaps?

(Many more, but "Rural Goblin" is my favorite)

He's 38, “A lot of times he snoozes at the bottom of the water.”

@nflonfox He said “hell nah” 😅 Via ESPN #nfl #football #pholadelphiaeagles #kansascitychiefs #rematch ♬ original sound - NFLonFOX


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