Monday, January 29, 2024

From the ashes of Mondo rises Mutant

A vinyl soundtrack and some store merch already available.

Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah’s production shingle SpectreVision is partnering with former co-founders of the pop culture collectibles company Mondo to launch Mutant, a new art and collectibles venture.
Future Mutant releases will feature the work of Aaron Horkey, Nicolas Delort, Matt Taylor, Deb Lee, Phantom City Creative, Rory Kurtz, Matthew Woodson, Greg Ruth, Francesco Francavilla, Teagan White, Daniel Danger, Murugiah, We Buy Your Kids, and Ken Taylor, among others. Following the company’s launch with the twin foundations of posters and vinyl, Mutant plans to expand into new collectibles categories including original Sofubi vinyl figures, pop-up galleries with original, fine artwork, and design services that give studios and filmmakers creative opportunities that aren’t necessarily tethered to specific films, such as a composer’s side project or fine art piece.