Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Purchasable digital player packs for EA's soccer game apparently accidentally included one of the most valuable cards in the game

Buying a pack of baseball cards in the hopes of getting something rare is a form of gambling, but at least it's easy to audit a company's claim of what sort of cards are included in every box. With digital cards? 

Dot Esports:

An 86-plus overall player pick SBC in EA FC 24 unintentionally gifted Team of The Year Lionel Messi cards to an absurd number of users—and community members want answers. 


EA Sports is being flamed by players after the recently released 86+ TOTY Leagues Player Pick SBC had a bug that allowed EA FC 24 players to pack a Messi TOTY card practically for free. Considering it is one of the best cards in the game, many in the community have been saving up packs and coins for months to obtain it. Now that it was given away so easily, there has been a public outrage against the developer.

Furthermore, this is not even the first time during the ongoing promo that there have been bugs and glitches in the game.