Wednesday, January 10, 2024

The mystery of the author of "Argylle" seems more intriguing than the actual movie trailer


The thriller “Argylle” is being published Tuesday by Bantam Books/Penguin Random House under the pseudonym “Elly Conway,” and it’s already been adapted into a $200 million film starring Dua Lipa, Henry Cavill, John Cena and Bryce Dallas Howard. Directed by Matthew Vaughn — whose previous hits include the “Kingsman” movies and “X-Men: First Class” — it hits theaters February 2.


some are speculating that Elly Conway and her supposed novel is just a synergetic fiction created by Vaughn and/or various marketing departments. 


 “she” has posted such an intensely unremarkable series of Instagram photos that it all feels like a joke … or a deranged puzzle? No one has an Instagram account this bad 

The novel's available at Amazon. The second featured review:

There is an error on the first word of the first page, and I’m certain that it’s on purpose by the author and publishing team. There were other errors throughout the novel as well, and I’m now going back to see if my suspicion is a coded message….