Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"he really was an artist, and his medium was the actual flesh of real animals"

A comment about Robert Bakewell, "the first to implement systematic selective breeding of livestock."

"Robert Bakewell followed on the work of arable pioneers Jethro Tull and Lord "Turnip" Townshend but it is in the field of livestock and especially sheep that Bakewell particularly excelled. "

Sunday, July 29, 2007

"The Items We Carry"

A gallery of stuff people carry around in their pockets.

Friday, July 27, 2007

What does the phrase "Public Water Source" mean?

That's what Pepsi's going to put on Aquafina labels for now to indicate it's tap water. Link.

Lego: Quaint Transforming Optimus Prime

Link to gallery

Shopping Cart Art

Gallery here.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Video: Harptallica, The Metallica Cover Band

Official site. Via Neatorama.

Gorgeous concept art for 50-story office tower in Australia


The jokes the current presidential candidates tell over and over again

For instance, have you heard Mitt Romney's joke about polygamy?

Just give up trying to be green

But a gathering body of evidence suggests that local food can sometimes consume more energy -- and produce more greenhouse gases -- than food imported from great distances.


A head of lettuce grown in Vermont may have less of an energy impact than one shipped up from Chile. But grow that Vermont lettuce late in the season in a heated greenhouse and its energy impact leapfrogs the imported option.

Read more.

Home Depot to spend $24,000 to manufacture "support" at an upcoming city council meeting

Home Depot would bus them to the meeting, feed them and provide orange T-shirts with "a positive message about The Home Depot," the memo says.

The memo suggests selecting five local residents and business owners to testify at the hearing with "talking points ... focusing on how a new Home Depot store will positively benefit the local community and economy."


The effort would include an estimated $17,000 for recruitment and organizing, $2,500 for food, $2,000 for T-shirts and $1,850 for buses, according to the memo. The total cost would be $24,100.

Read more.

Viktor and Rolf uses "snuff chic" to sell new fragrance

Headline of the Day: "Tiny brain no obstacle to French civil servant"

"A man with an unusually tiny brain managed to live an entirely normal life despite his condition, caused by a fluid buildup in his skull, French researchers reported on Thursday."

Read on.

Video: Old NES Game Kung Fu Mashed Up With Just About Every Major Game From The Era

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Blue Hole In Belize

"About 60 miles from Belize City, there is a perfectly circular 1,000 (305 m) feet across and 400 feet (123 m) wide "Blue Hole." The hole, part of the Lighthouse Reef system, was once an opening to a cave system during the Ice Age - it is now a magnet for extreme divers."

Awesome photos here.

10 ways to instantly build self confidence

These lists are usually pretty lame, but this one had some good tips that anyone can start using right away. I'm going to start working on tip number 4:

4. Personal Commercial

One of the best ways to build confidence is listening to a motivational speech. Unfortunately, opportunities to listen to a great speaker are few and far between. You can fill this need by creating a personal commercial. Write a 30-60 second speech that highlights your strengths and goals. Then recite it in front of the mirror aloud (or inside your head if you prefer) whenever you need a confidence boost.

This works particularly well if Don LaFontaine narrates the commercial:

Video: Don't wait for other people to save the world

Gallery of fruit labels

Big gallery here. Via The Graphic Style.

Battle for the Bronchs: GlaxoSmithKline uses games and desktops to encourage asthma sufferers to use its products

Games, desktops, comics and a screensaver here. Via Plaid.

Update: Since the commenter asked for my thoughts, I decided to take another look at the site. In a nutshell, the site works smoothly and has a decent interface, but I think it does far more to show off the designers' web skills than actually help GlaxoSmithKline in any way.

Initially, I have to admit that I rarely enjoy fancy flash-driven sites. I'd much rather skim a Blogger blog where everything is laid out and I don't have to hunt through menus or wait for constantly loading pages in the hopes of finding interesting content. So, from the start, this site had little chance of winning me over.

The site does run pretty smoothly, and I appreciated that there were clearly labeled links to each section at the top of the screen - - the screensaver and wallpapers are in the section labeled "downloads." But although the video ran smoothly on the site, it doesn't quite embed right. (And I've now removed the video because it's irritating that it starts without clicking on it.) Why not just use Youtube, which everybody uses because it almost always works?

Plus, although it's pretty easy to access the content of the site, none of it is very compelling, fun, or memorable. There's a variety of games, and it's clever that you can use a microphone to play them (by blowing, since the site is about lung capacity, after all). But the games I tried weren't remotely fun. Why would anyone play these games when there's essentially an infinite number of outstanding free games available on the web?

There are several desktop wallpapers, but the desktops aren't particularly pleasant to look at, and even if they were, there's really nothing about them to remind you about GSK or how GSK can help you:

Finally, I assume that if I'd watched enough of the "video comics," I would have seen the hero somehow triumph over his breathing issues, quite possibly with the help of GSK's products. But I lost interest in watching the videos long before it got to that point, or simply missed the message.

Seems like a better investment would have been finding some charismatic young person suffering from asthma and have him(her) blog about his summer activities and how his asthma doesn't stop him from enjoying life.

Video: Star Trek Cribs

Via Law Geek.


Nokia thinks your computer might be feeling pretty jealous of all the great stuff your cellphone can do. Their new site warns of the approaching epidemic.

Here's a photo of one victim:

And here's some warning videos:

Via Core77.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Manga Artists Explain How To Eat A "Mega Mac" At McDonald's

Official site. Direct link to illustrations. Via Japan Probe.

The International Design Excellence Awards 2007 Have Been Announced

Here's the main link. I'm always amazed when a site like this lists products, but doesn't include links to the product's homepage.

Two items that caught my eye were the HomeHero Fire Extinguisher:

Official site.

And the Aquabrids, which seem to be a mashup between real life aquariums and the game Spore.

Flickr: Mr. Potato Head Used To Be Pretty Disturbing


Illustration: Two By Paolo Rivera

Many more here. And here's his blog.

*See also: Lego Mr. Freeze.

*Buy DC Direct action figures at eBay.

Rug looks like an indoor pool

Link. Via Oh Gizmo.

The Simpsons Movie Soundtrack: Limited Edition Donut Packaging

The Simpsons Movie: Limited Edition Donut Packaging

The Carrot Dresser

"Whimsical and practical." Buy it here, and don't miss the artist's other furniture which is torn out of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Via Nerd Approved.

Book Cover Tuesday

The Death of the Detective: A Novel

King of the City

The Tourists: A Novel

The Opposite House: A Novel

Shark-Infested Waters: The Saatchi Collection of British Art in the 90s

Monday, July 23, 2007

Famous Poems Rewritten as Limericks

"There once was a girl named Lenore..."

Via Metafilter, which offers some alternative limericks, including The Wasteland Limericks.

Photoshop: If Trekkies Ruled The World

See the best contest entries here.

Illustration: Trapjaw, Beastman and Prince Adam by Cheeks

Sean "Cheeks" Galloway has posted a couple of terrific desktop-wallpaper sized illustrations of Trapjaw and Prince Adam, and Beastman. And if you're really in the mood for an 80's flashback, don't miss his Captain N.

Print Ad Campaign For Blockbuster Video Rentals

Larger versions and more images from the campaign here.

Weird: American Express Starwood Credit Card Looks Like A Pill Bottle


Two part interview with William Gibson at Amazon.com

Part one, part two.

"If the sun continues to heat up our planet, we will make it weaker."

Some clever global warming ads here.

Plaid design and branding firm is going on a roadtrip, in a plaid van

"We're about to embark on a 21 day tour from NYC to Dallas, spreading Plaid love and cheer. You can join the fun by checking out our tour dashboard - where you can watch the live vancam, see our YouTube webisodes, blog posts and Twitter updates. Even see where we're at with live GPS mapping.

This is an excellent example of how a bunch of web 2.0 tools can bring together an audience and deliver an experience. Bookmark the dashboard, and it will be almost like you're on tour with us!"

Plaid runs no less than three blogs, and the PlaidNation site features desktops, icons, and a mp3 them song. Via How.

Video: Anchorhead, the "Darth Metal Band"

Anchorhead's MySpace page. Read about the Star Wars Battle of the Bands here.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Blueprints and patents for Disney's The Haunted Mansion

Today I renewed my newsletter subscription over at Haunted Portraits.com, and was pleasantly surprised with a link to a large gallery of blueprints and patents for Disney's Haunted Mansion. If you've never visited, you're in for a treat. Norm Lanier will take a photograph of you and create a transforming ghostly portrait, like you see in the Haunted Mansion.

Update: Speaking of haunted mansions, check out this crumbling house.

"Welcome to the terrortory"

Here's four movie posters that caught my eye:

Spotted at Movie Poster Addict

Video: 747 Practically scrapes tourist-filled beach as it lands

Via Metafilter, which links to more videos of the same airport.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The sperm bank intended to "stimulate man's ascent to a new level of being."

Twenty years ago, on an outbuilding of his Southern California estate, tycoon Robert K. Graham began a most remarkable project: the Repository for Germinal Choice, a sperm bank for Nobel Prize winners. Part altruism, part social engineering, part science experiment, the repository was supposed to help reverse the genetic decay Graham saw all around him by preserving and multiplying the best genes of his generation. By the time Graham's repository closed in 1999, his genius sperm had been responsible for more than 200 children.

What happened to them? This is the beginning of a journalistic experiment to find out, an experiment that—as I explain below—needs your assistance. (Also click here to read Slate editor Michael Kinsley's introduction to the project.)

Robert K. Graham was a eugenicist. He was a pessimist about humanity's future. And he was a can-do, self-made multimillionaire. Those qualities fused to inspire the Repository for Germinal Choice. Graham, who made his fortune by inventing shatterproof eyeglasses, feared mankind was in danger because natural selection had stopped working on human beings. He explained his views in a muscular 1971 book, The Future of Man. Over millenniums, nature's brutality had strengthened the human gene pool, allowing the strong and smart to reproduce, while killing the weak before they could. But once man mastered his natural environment, Graham argued, he jumped the evolutionary track. Better living conditions allowed "retrograde humans" to reproduce. In modern America, thanks to cradle-to-grave social welfare programs, these incompetents and imbeciles were swamping the intelligent. This dysgenic crisis would surely bring communism and the regression of mankind. All that could save us, Graham warned, was "intelligent selection": Our best specimens must have more children. Hence the Repository for Germinal Choice.

Read on.

MP3 Download: Bloopers From The Original Star Trek Series

"Listen as the crew flub lines, assistant directors yelling "BEEP" to fill in the now famous phaser sound effect, Shatner swearing, space hippies singing, Scotty "playing football" on the bridge (?), a rather "delirious" Dr. Janice Lester that sounds awfully X-rated, and the final lines Nurse Chapel (Majel Barrett - the future Mrs. Gene Roddenberry) ever uttered on the show."

Download the 58 tracks here.

The fish known as a "Fathead"

Also known as "Mr. Blobby." See a photo here, and the Wikipedia entry here. Via Dark Roasted Blend.

Illustration: Dominique Fam

Gallery here, with desktop wallpapers. Via Start Drawing.

Job Title Generator

Go here to generate a new title. The title I generated ("Internal Personnel Manager") sounds a bit filthy. Via Name Wire, which lists some outstanding, real titles.

10 Most Bizarre Beers

Including open source beer and a low-malt beer using milk. Link. Via Speak Up.

Zen Garden/Construction Zone

Buy. Via Rare Bird Finds.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Baby Einstein Print Ad Concepts

See huge versions here.

"Stephen Colbert, Michael Moore unite against CNN 'web of lies'"

Phew, I was afraid the story was over. Video here.

Game: Chore Wars - - Finally, you can claim experience points for housework.

"Recruit a party of adventurers from your household or office, and whenever one of you completes a chore, you can log it and claim XP." Here's part of the character generation screen:

Sign up your own "team" here. Via BoingBoing.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Someone once said laughter is the best medicine -

they're wrong. Morphine is the best medicine."

Rugs by Dan Golden. Via MoCo Loco.

Video: Shark Attack 3: Megalodon


Flickr: Map of Springfield

Desktop wallpaper sized version here.

Cork Socket Plug, Candle Lamp and other energy saving devices

See more here. Via Josh Spear.

Neon Sign Icons

Download the set here.

Lego Brick Cake Mold

Buy one here. Via GoodyBlog.

"I Was an eBay Voldemort"

Will Collier mistakenly received a copy of the Deathly Hallows early. Read what happened next. Via Instapundit.

Translink Alice In Wonderland Print Ad

See the other images in the campaign here.

Print Ad Thursday


Americans For The Arts Carvaggio

Diesel Global Warming

Samsonite McQueen