Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yes, I do have a Twitter feed

For those who have asked, yes I do have a Twitter feed, and I've been convinced to experiment with it.

Bizarre Wolverines

In honor or the release of Wolverine, here's my favorite Wolverine images. Over at Toycutter, you'll find a roundup of my favorite Wolverine custom toys, including Wolverine My Little Pony, Wolverine Munnys, Mike Mignola-style Wolverine, and the Hulk as Wolverine.

Wolverine amigurumi.

Wolverine by Charles Schulz by Chris Giarrussoto.

Wolverine paper toy.

Wolverine by Shepard Fairey by James Lillis.

Wolverine as a string bean.

Mickey Mouse as Wolverine.

"Wolvengelion" by Toyto.

Wolverine by Rene Magritte by Jason Chan.

Wolverine by Edward Gorey by Skottie Young.

Wolverines playing poker by C.M. Coolidge by Paolo Rivera.

Surreal Wolverine by Salvador Dali by Rivera.

Wolverine by Vincent van Gogh by Laura Martin.

One of several 1950s-style Wolverine illustrations by Joel Priddy.

Wolverine drawn in one line by Gideon Boomer.

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UP posters by Paul Conrad (link roundup)

Paul Conrad created several posters for Pixar's Up and posted them here.

1. Good headline at Fark: If you mock hipsters, you're a hipster.

2. As if my last post about spiders wasn't creepy enough, read about the sex habits of the spider known as H. sadistica (seems like that's really it's name). Via.

3. BBQ joint dramatically improved business by placing a busty mannequin in a bikini outside. Via.

4. Check out Mitch "spacesick" Ansara's Atari Age-inspired blog header.

*Previously: Carl Fredricksen paper toy.

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Now this is a screenshot (link roundup)

Just enjoy this giant octopus-filled screenshot from upcoming Wii game Muramasa: The Demon Blade. The gameplay on display in this trailer looks awfully lackluster. Via.

And a few more links:

1. Were the British defeated in Iraq?

2. Before there was the internet, the hot craze was hunkerin? Via.

3. A government employee who went on the same Mexico trip as Obama became infected with swine flu and passed it to his family, and yet Obama's doctors "see no need to conduct any tests?"

4. Jose Canseco is going to fight a 7'2" Korean in a mixed martial arts fight?

*Previously: Samurai octopus.

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Humanoid animals enjoy a little together time

Humanoid animals by Simona. Go here for ordering instructions.

*Previously: Mermaid by Simona.

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Monsters vs. Aliens papercraft

Curiosity Group created some swell Monsters vs. Aliens paper toys including a day-glo tank, probe, and Insectosaurus.

*Previously: Adorable papercraft tank.

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Kid Acne's Rollin' Stock blind box toys

Kid Acne's Rollin' Stock blind box toys go on sale soon. Unlike most blind box sets, pretty much all of the toys in this set are desirable. Relatedly, if you really, really like Tara McPherson's Gamma Mutant Space Friends that I previously mentioned, then you might want to buy one of the slightly more expensive sculptures based on the set.

*Previously: Giant anime girl straddling a train?

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Colorful monsters

Colorful monsters by Wox & Raku;

WhiteHole: Queen Madahfak by *raoxcrew on deviantART

WhiteHole: Bruce by *raoxcrew on deviantART

*Previously: Colorful papercraft bird.

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Grand Theft Auto: Spider-Man (link roundup)

Grand Theft Auto: Spider-Man and GTA: Dark Knight. See also GTA: Tarzan. Relatedly, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the DS is the best game I've played for the DS. A+. Via these sites.

And a few more links:

1. Trivia from the movie Clue, including Jane Wiedlin of the GoGos played the Singing Telegram Girl.

2. A whirlpool of rocks.

3. How to create "fake" 3D in Photoshop. Via.

4. Law and Order billboard makes clever use of a light.

*Previously: Giant billboard with real cars attached.

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The Maltese Falcon poster (link roundup)

Movie poster for The Maltese Falcon by The Silent Giants on sale for $25 here.

And a few more links:

1. A monster called "doom."

2. Finally saw Monsters vs. Aliens (in non-3D) and thought it was great (aside from the Colbert character). I'm ready for a sequel right now.

3. Win a Robot in the City plush.

4. It's not news that spiders are really good at surviving dunkings in water. In fact, scientists tested some spiders and found that they could survive underwater for as long as 36 hours. But "after the 'drownings,' the researchers, hoping to weigh the spiders later, left them out to dry. That's when things began to get weird." Read on (and have nightmares).

*Previously: The Prequel to The Maltese Falcon.

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Plush Zartan

Plush Zartan
by kittyzilla. Check out her plush Hellboy. And here's her Etsy shop.

*Previously: Plush lobster boy by kittyzilla.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fairy Sculptures

Blue Moon and Purple Daisy Fairy sculptures by Liz Amend. These and a few others are on sale here. Via.

*Previously: Fairy Tale Titan.

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Criterion Collection-Style Video Game Box Art

High concept video game box art, done in the style of the Criterion Collection:

Many more on display here and here. Via these sites.

*Previously: Doom as a Diablo-style game.

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Great new ad for Stink Digital. Not so much for Philips.

Here's an incredibly visually striking commercial by Stink Digital, reminiscent of the Halo "Believe" ad. It's described as "an epic ‘frozen moment’ cops and robbers shootout sequence that included clowns, explosions, a decimated hospital, and plenty of broken glass and bullet casings." It's called "Carousel" because it's meant to be watched in an endless loop:

Very impressive work. I'd definitely like to see more from Stink Digital and director Adam Berg. I don't see anything about it that would convince people to buy a Philips tv.

*Previously: Weirdest ad for a dentist, ever.

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Armored Samus and Wind Waker papercraft

Some terrific Metroid and Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker paper toys by Diogo Sousa. Spotted here, but no word as to availability yet.

*Previously: Plush armored and Zero Suit Samus.

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Clever Star Wars posters for Disney employees' enjoyment

Ewoks, Gamorrean Guards, a Stormtrooper, and Darth Vader star in these clever posters apparently placed in backstage areas at Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida to get employees in the spirit for the 2009's Star Wars Weekends event.

*Previously: Weird Japanese Star Wars posters.

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Lego Mech (link roundup)

Gatling gun and missile launcher-equipped Lego war walker.

And a few more links:

1. Interesting way to sell prints - - Brian Gubicza has a character generator that allows you to create a monster and then order it on a print.

2. Gloomy Bear animated gif.

3. Darth Vader gazes wistfully at the Death Star.

4. Meet Joel Osteen, the latest superstar televangelist, who presides over a Houston church in a former basketball arena that draws 40,000 people on Sundays.

*Previously: Darth Vader, after a trip to the dentist.

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Custom sneakers (link roundup)

Custom sneakers by Jeremy Asher Lynch for the Inked Souls show at Art Whino in Virginia.

And a few more links:

1. Major layoffs announced for McFarlane Toys.

2. "In the heart of the Karakum desert of Turkmenistan the Darvaza Gas Crater or The Burning Gates give off a glow that can be seen from miles away during the dark night. The large crater is a result of a Soviet gas exploration accident in the 1950’s." Photo gallery.

3. Illustrations of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World by Roy Krenkel.

4. That Time magazine promotion where you could personalize your own magazine? Yeah, it was really just a way for Lexus to send targeted ads . And the magazines people received didn't reflect the type of articles they'd requested. Via.

*Previously: Seven Wonders of the IT World.

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Blanka sculpture (and more)

My favorite works from the "Jab Strong Fierce" Street Fighter show at Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles.

Blanka sculpture by Duzty.

Luke Chueh mashed up his Possessed vinyl toy with Chun-Li's lightning kick.

Ryu finishes E. Honda by Tang Heng.

You can see and purchase all of the items from the show here. Via.

*Previously: Street Fighter poster by Jim Rugg.

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Found item robot (link roundup)

Found item robot on sale at Etsy.

And a few more links:

1. After watching Tropic Thunder, Marvel decided it could cut costs further and just have Robert Downy Jr. play Tony Stark and Arthur Rhodes. Photo link.

2. "I really like the feeling of this and I'm considering doing a whole series with these guys investigating paranormal oddities, like hellboy, but in a really boring way without any fighting." Via.

3. Thor and his tiny little hammer.

4. Move over The Vader Project. Here's custom Buddha heads?

*Previously: Papercraft Buddha.

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