Sunday, October 18, 2009

HSN host breaks TV while demonstrating Wii peripheral

To promote a $329 set of Wiimote attachments (!), an HSN host played Wii Tennis a little too vigorously and hurled the attachment he was promoting right into the TV, breaking the screen (the magic happens five minutes in). Even though they've just demonstrated what a bad idea the attachments are, the hosts don't miss a beat and continue shamelessly promoting the product. Via.

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*Wii Fit Plus is $20 at Amazon.


  1. Funny how the female presenter couldn't stop laughing about it while the guy who broke the tv tried to move on. I don't think they sold many units that day...

  2. Good night, how much were they selling this for?!?! Does having a crappy miniature tennis racket qualify a $130 price increase? I mean they broke that 800 dolla...I mean 2,300 dollar tv!

  3. The item description says it's the Wii system, plus Sports, plus the attachments. It's not JUST the attachments.